Guerrilla Games Talks About Respect for Microsoft and Competition, Explains that Graphics Matter

Guerrilla Games held an extensive AMA Spanning two days on Reddit, and touched on a theme that has been recurring in the industry lately, respect for the competition.

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Gazondaily2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I interviewed the guys from GG at launch and asked them what they thought about Halo. Their eyes lit up and were singing praises for that game.

They also seemed to hold Crytek in high esteem and were very impressed with what they achieved with Ryse, well visually anyway.

I'm not really a fan of the Killzone games but I really like the devs behind the series. Roy Postma was absolutely wasted though haha.

"No – I think the Xbox is doing some interesting things and they have some first party teams that do work we respect. "

What did he say no to by the way? I can't seem to find the question he responded to.

Abriael2511d ago

Whether they laugh at Microsoft's conferences. Pretty idiotic question.

Gazondaily2511d ago

Ah cheers mate. Yeah lol, I see what you mean about Reddit now.

GarrusVakarian2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

What a stupid thing to ask a developer. Do some people really expect developers to be as petty as internet fanboys? Like GG are just going to say "Oh yeah, they fail so hard ROFL!".

"they have some first party teams that do work we respect. We hope they share the same respect and we all try and do the best we can."

Respectful and humble, i like that. Props to GG. Can't wait to see what their new IP is all about.

Abriael2511d ago

I can't say at times people don't make me facepalm with their fanboyish attitude.

At every industry event I go I see devs of competing companies chatting, having a beer together and all that. As a matter of fact, the competitor you work against now, may very well be the colleague you work with next year.

rainslacker2510d ago

The gaming industry is very insular. Truth is, you can't go very far without finding someone who knows someone that works for someone else. The big studios talk to each other a lot. It's pretty rare to see a developer talk bad about a competitor. It's just not considered respectful, and more often than not, developers aren't like forum fan boys. Even the big execs. While they may take jabs at public appearances aimed at the fans, behind the scenes they are quite respectful and friendly towards each other.

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XiSasukeUchiha2511d ago

Thank you for respecting your competition, and properly explain that no matter what anyone says graphics truly matter!

Bigpappy2511d ago

The defiantly do matter, but they are NOT the most important aspect of a game. If a developer makes that their focus and ignore gameplay and fun content, the game will fail. Many might run out and buy in the first week to show there family and friends how pretty it looks. But the following week, it would be flooding the shelves at Game Stop and the sales would dry up.

tgunzz2511d ago

Yes, yes graphics matter, but not nearly as much as fresh and engaging content for me. From my standpoint, Dev are easily able to improve the gaming landscapes, but face a huge challenge when looking to creating a great new game (that's what I really look for). Games like minecraft, as well as indie games are a great example of how gameplay is still the master key... Hell, I still fire up my neogeo to play some killer shooters, and of course my samurai, and last blade series....

rainslacker2510d ago

As to the technical merit and playability of a game, graphics aren't that important.

But people that say it's not important to selling a game are just deluding themselves. Many customers are very attracted to the prettiest thing out there. It's been like that since video games were first shown to the public.

user56695102511d ago

No matter how much I like crytek and GG games, its obvious these to is reading the same book.

GodGinrai2511d ago

GG= Good Guys. Respect to Guerilla games. never been a KZ fan but Im lookin forward to their new IP. they know tech!

Lawboy22511d ago

I really loved killzone SF...and am wiaiting impatiently to see what there next project is....can't wait for the next installment of killzone is

RevXM2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Me too, Im glad GG is expanding and being awesome like this.

They have multiple teams and soon a new IP to show us.

And Im eager to see what it is and ofcourse more killzone. Hopefully the next full kilzone game (hooray for SF COOP mode) will be awesome.

I hope for a more intimate way of storytelling and characters being more fleshed out.
Also I loved the way weapons feels in KZ2 more than in any other game it was gun porn and I could almost smell them. So a grittier game with guns that just doesnt look real but feel more immersive and impactful would be sweet combined with the setting and newly introduced mechanics of SF kind of blending both.

HappyWithOneBubble2511d ago

I don't respect MS but I do respect your opinion Guerrilla. Can't wait to see ya'll new ip.

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