CRYENGINE Video Shows Real-time Fluid Simulation With Over 20,000 Tessellated Particles

YouTube’s member ’18T220′ has shared a new video, showing off real-time fluid simulation effects in CRYENGINE. This video shows realistic refractions, fully dynamic collision with objects, rising water levels, realistic friction, dynamic water ripples and screen space deformation.

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XiSasukeUchiha2506d ago

Damn this going to make me cry!

But for real this looks nice!

gedden72506d ago

I'll be interested in this when its in gameplay and actually matters in a game...

Pretty cool though.

elhebbo162503d ago

I would imagine this would fit perfectly in a puzzle game like portal.

Ravenor2506d ago

Back in like 99' real time physics on objects was a crazy novelty and seeing things fall and scatter kinda like real objects. Where do you think I saw a lot of those crazy Physics based things? If you guessed a tech demo, you'd be right.

Integrating things like this isn't easy (Why do you think Havok had such a good run?) but it's certainly something we'll start to see from games in the future, though likely toned down considerably.

mcgrottys2506d ago

Developers need to focus more on modularity, so we can use these tools more easily.

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