Mortal Kombat X: Dev Confirms Kratos Won't Return, Comments On Fan-Made PS4 vs Xbox One Boxart

GearNuke: "This fan-made boxart for Mortal Kombat X looks cool, but it is not official."

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MrSwankSinatra2135d ago

The sub-zero cover looks way better.

Snookies122135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I have to agree, only because I like Sub-zero better than Scorpion... He's been my man since the first Mortal Kombat lol. (Still know how to do his Brutality on MK3.) Hard to believe we're already up to MK 10.

Honestly though, it's clear Ed likes Scorpion more than Sub-zero, and PlayStation more than Xbox. So, that's why he wanted the covers reversed, but honestly the blue PS logo with Sub-zero just works... If these were to be the actual cover arts, I would prefer they stayed just like this.

Mikelarry2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

"Honestly though, it's clear Ed likes Scorpion more than Sub-zero, and PlayStation more than Xbox"

WHAT?????, you got that from where exactly, if using your logic should it not be the other way round as scopion is his favorite so he must prefer the xbox

OT: cant wait really enjoyed 9 alot

Snookies122135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

@Mikelarry - If you read the article, it shows Ed saying that he wanted the covers reversed from the one you see in the image. Meaning he wanted Scorpion on the PS4 version, and Sub-zero on the X1 version.

So again, he likes Scorpion over Sub-zero, and likes PlayStation over Xbox. That's evident by his statements, and all the times we see Sub-zero lose to Scorpion, and the fact that he came out and stated that he just likes PS better (which is why we got Kratos in the PS3 version of MK 9...)

True_Samurai2135d ago

↑↑ You two does it really matter about what the man likes? If he likes Xbox he likes same way with PS. If he likes scorpion then he just likes scorpion. There's no reason to bicker between them

Snookies122135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

@True_Samurai - It really doesn't matter much to me, just pointing out that I like the Sub-zero matching with the PS blue logo and that it wouldn't make much sense to switch them up as Ed mentioned in the article. Like Mikefizzled said below, I think Reptile would go nicely with X1. As it'll match the green. I suppose it wouldn't fit though, considering it's supposed to be the rivalry between Sub and Scorpion.

LightofDarkness2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I think he wants them reversed because the colour contrasts are better/more complimentary the other way around (deep blue + orange is a well known favourite in movie posters/cover art). Having a single colour for the entire cover would not be dynamic looking enough for anyone with an eye for that sort of thing.

Septic2135d ago

I don't get how he likes Scorpian better or how he prefers the PS over Xbox?

ZodTheRipper2135d ago

lol amusing discussion ...but I can't believe nobody cares that KRATOS WON'T RETURN?! I played MK9 countless times with friends and literally every match someone picked Kratos ...leaving him out is not cool :/

Boody-Bandit2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I agree as well.
I like the PS4 version better. It's a shame Reptile isn't on the same level of popularity as Sub Zero and Scorpion. His green outfit would look better on the X1 cover.

I just wish we didn't have to wait until 2015 to get our hands on this game. I want a fighter now.

AliTheSnake12135d ago

Stale. Why can't we make it epic , like have Shao Kahn sitting on a throne in the background, and everyone fighting infront of him. And maybe a new big villain comin from the side.

Deadpoolio2135d ago

Considering that Scorpion is the Neatherrealm studios logo what exactly did you expect

Shnooze2135d ago


Well if they're trying to bring back the old MK look and feel, which is from what I can tell probably true by the direction they took with the redesigns of Sub-Zero and Scorpion, then I don't see why they would include non-mortal kombat characters.

crxss2135d ago

If anything they'd put Reptile on the Xbox One cover to match the colors. I stopped playing Mortal Kombat once the ninjas no longer became ninjas... man MK3 was fun.

Lord_Sloth2135d ago

Curious as to where everybody gets that he likes Scorpion more when he's just showing a bit of history. Scorpion DID kill the original SZ but he replaced SZ with another SZ ad even brought the soul back as Noob Saibot, then we have Cyber SZ as well so that's 3 slots on 1 character.

FamilyGuy2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

"It would be interesting to put Scorpion on the PS4 box and Subzero on the XboxOne box. Hmmmm…"

Scorpion always kill Sub-Zero in the story line of Mortal Kombat so this statement really says a lot about Eds opinion on the PS4 vs X1 fight. I really don't get how people disagreeing with Snookies12 don't see it.

Who knows, maybe he just like the PS controllers better as they were better compliments to the fighting game genre than the 360 ones ever were.

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Septic2135d ago

Yeah but Scorpian is the true BOSS though!

Kurt Russell2135d ago


Oh wait... wrong SZ :(

garos822135d ago

It should be reptile on xb1 and sub zero ps4. would make the most sense, but both are pretty cool covers as it stands

Guwapo772135d ago

I'm bothered by this subliminal message that went down here. Their debut trailer has Scorpion beating SubZero...

I could be looking way into this...

Blasphemy2134d ago

back in the day(super nes/sega genesis) mk used to be the s h i t now its boring as f... they need to pull a capcom and go back to their roots

TXIDarkAvenger2134d ago

Yeah only because it matches the colour of PS4 covers. Other than that, it isn't anything outstanding.

spicelicka2134d ago

I like the Scorpion cover better

avengers19782134d ago

Okay the only thing that I want from this MK is that each character has like a minimum of 4 fatalities, really I would prefer like 6-8, but I'd be happy with four. IMO, the fact MK hasn't increased the number of fatalities per character is what holds the series back.

Plus since this is about fighting games, can anyone tell me how similar the gameplay is between the new KillerInstinct, and the original, cause I really loved the original

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Relientk772135d ago

Sub-Zero cover looks boss

NovusTerminus2135d ago

I prefer the Sub Zero one. But I like Scorpion better (prefer Smoke to all of them though)

But either way the box art looks pretty boring.

LightofDarkness2135d ago

Yeah, Smoke was pretty kick ass in the last game, even though they kind of made him a bit of a joke in the story (he picks a fight with a lot of the earth realm guys and gets beat down every time).

Mikefizzled2135d ago

I think they may revise the Xbox One cover art once Reptile is shown. Sub Zero fits really way the box colour though.

MasterCornholio2135d ago

Agreed. PlayStation's case is blue which fits subzeroe perfectly.


HappyWithOneBubble2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Agree Sub Zero fits the blue PS4 case and Reptile fits XB1 green case. I don't like the Mortal Kombat letters. They should keep the same logo http://lockgamer.files.word...

I think they should do a contest and let fans make boxart designs. Then let people vote in a poll for the best boxart.

brightlight2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I saw a comment suggesting few days ago to have Sub-zero for the ps4 version and Scorpion for the X1 but didn't know they'd think about it.

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