"KH-HD 2.5 Remix -" Release Date has been determined? New "FFXV" and "KHIII" information at E3 2014?

Square's Shinji Hashimoto explains in an interview that there won't be any new information on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV at E3, but they'll come at a following event.

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vishmarx2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

no xv and kh3 at e3.....

8 years of development and you have no info to share?
e3 hype levels are down to 0

sinncross2506d ago

Im just... Wow... I mean... Im just out of words to describe how pathetic this is... square enix.. Seriously. Get it together already.

Summons752506d ago

Good, we already know a lot about XV from when it was called VS13 anymore and they might as well put a cliffnotes in the next trailer. All we need is a quick trailer announcing when it will be released then we can sit and wait.

morganfell2506d ago

Yes the release dat has been determined. Its December 2nd, 2014. Sony has the news with the video at their blog.

vishmarx2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

wat,2014?lol no.
not possible.
we'd find life on mars before this game releases.,
hell i see game of thrones coming to a damn conclusion but not this

EDIT.sorry thought you were saying this about xv

user56695102506d ago

This is SE are you surprised? How many kh came out after two. I wouldn't say they are like capcom but its seriously something wrong with this company. What do we even call this under performance, ignorance, lazy, different pages, different book, wrong focus?

SE is the only company that have me this lost. What are they doing in japan? Japan has been named the most over worked country year after year but from what we see from SE in these last 10yrs SE have to be the only company working 4hr days

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Crossbones2506d ago

Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III to Skip E3


Get the F*** out of here SE. You had how long to work on FF XV and your still not ready to show it. F*** Y'all!!!. Next time don't announce s***!!! if your no where near finished with the game. This is getting annoying. At this point I'm starting to lose interest for FF XV. As far as KH III they shouldn't have not announce that. It's starting to look like that is far away too.

MegaSackman2506d ago

And the winner for the biggest joke of the year is:

DEATHxTHExKIDx2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Rlly?! Should I even watch this year's E3?!

A following event must be TGS which is usually in September. They better bring a release date/Window for FFXV.

sonerone2506d ago

there will be gamescom in august

DEATHxTHExKIDx2506d ago

Ah I forgot about Gamescom. Either TGS or Gamescom Square Enix better show off and bring the hype.

Crystallis2506d ago

they wont announce anything for KH3 or FFXV at gamescon. TGS is the best bet.

sonerone2506d ago

well, proper disappointed me. start to feel there will be no big hits on e3, other than the yearly titles and one or two obvious ones. No Gerilla Games new title, no Media Molecule, no KH3, no FFXV, no sony bend studio`s game. I`m sure we will still see some awesome stuff but still disappointed

metatronx2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

not sure where u get that info about Sony Bend. They havent comment on whether they will be at E3 or not.

sonerone2506d ago

it was here a while ago, said sony bend wont be on e3 or something like that

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The story is too old to be commented.