The Forest Gets First Update, Fixes Saves, More

VRFocus - Indie developer Endnight Games Ltd finally released its much-anticipated first-person survival title The Forest on Steam Early Access last week. Since then players have been playing and testing the experience, uncovering a range of bugs and issues. Now the developer has released its first update for the title, offering a range of fixes for these issues. The list includes a resolution to a bug concerning saving which has troubled many players.

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Perjoss2506d ago

The AI in this game freaks me out a little bit.

Onehandband1t2506d ago

Agreed, the way they circle you rather than charging at you. The way they stop and stare at you and the way they clamber around trees and jump from cover to cover is very creepy indeed.

Perjoss2506d ago

Makes you wonder, games designers seem to neglect AI quite a bit in my opinion, I keep seeing really nice advances in all other areas like graphics, gameplay mechanics and sound design, but it seems that AI (and in most cases storytelling) seems to get cut off once it reaches a certain level, and never really pushed.

TheSaint2505d ago

I even felt creeped out just reading that!

This is s great game.