Battlefield Hardline development started 'about a year before Dead Space 3 shipped'

Visceral started work on Battlefield Hardline "about a year before [Dead Space 3] shipped", creative director Ian Milham has revealed, suggesting that the game may have entered development in early 2012.

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hiredhelp1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Yeh look i understand about whole bf4 thing EA Made bad move Dice held hands up Tbh if your boss sais do this.. Areyou gonna say shuv it?
Thing here guys this is not DICE this visceral games making this.. Not sure using frostbite yes has look of bf and everything easy to think it would be a expanstion.
But as long as EA doesnt get involved too much and is complete game not broken rushed like BF4.
This just maybe cool we need a Swat based ,bank hiest, guns blazing game. Well i like one.
So remember may or may not be a dice engine but not a dice game.

pompombrum1687d ago

The truth is though, that EA are the ones calling the shots on when the game is released and that was the main problem with Battlefield 4. Still, if the game has been in development for that long, there is no excuses for them not to release a stable working product. Then again, I don't think we'll ever see an AAA game released in the state Battlefield 4 was in, most alphas I've tested were more stable.

alexkoepp1687d ago

I think its kind of whack they are attaching "Battlefield" to the games title for some easy name recognition. You could of just kept it Hardline or the codename Omaha. Then if it did well you could have a whole new franchise to whore out

MrSwankSinatra1688d ago

Guess that explains why dead space 3 sucked.

hiredhelp1688d ago

Dead space 3 didnt suck it got slammed cos the micro transactions did DS 1-2 suck cos same devs man get grip.

LAWSON721687d ago

No it just sucked, I played them all literally in order over about a course of a week. I had to convince myself to not due NG+ on the first two so I could beat them all then once I got to the third I couldnt even convince myself to finish it

Robochobo1687d ago

Dead Space 3 was horrible. Boring/Generic enemies, broken ammo system, and co-op that should have never been there in the first place make it so. The only good about it was the fact it looked extremely pretty on a decent PC.

elhebbo161687d ago

Yet in the trailer is obviously using assets from the recent BF4.

annus1687d ago

Do you honestly think that a game STARTS by some dude drag and dropping assets? You know there is story planning, feature planning, level design and much more that don't have to even involve somebody touching a computer?

ApoK1687d ago

Multiplayer development obviously started last week

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The story is too old to be commented.