The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - exclusives detailed

CD PROJEKT RED and reveal the exclusive pre-order deals for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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CongoKyle2508d ago

Geralt is back! :D Witcher 2 filled my RPG cravings after I completed the Dragon Age series! Pumped!

DesVader2508d ago

Witcher - good franchise :)

HanCilliers2508d ago

Probably the best RPG series ever made. The deals are really worth getting, pity it's not available in South Africa :(

HoldenZA2508d ago

I've never played Witcher but I will definitely be checking it out!

plut0nash2508d ago

I'd argue that Dark Souls contends for that title too. ME3 fits in there too.

LAWSON722508d ago

Mass Effect is a great action series but a crappy RPG one.

BillmadeAGate2508d ago

Game sounds amazing.. Heres Hoping you can actually jump in this one..

Justjoined1232508d ago

Cant say that i ever felt the need or desire to jump in the witcher 2, if it doesnt add anything to the experience except watching the character jump then why bother? :P

NovusTerminus2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Because, nothing says epic, mature, and gritty adventure like bunny hopping through a field! :P

oasdada2508d ago

Didnt these guys say they wont offer any kind of preorder bonus content on any platform a few weeks ago?

NovusTerminus2508d ago

No, they said console exclusive content.

LAWSON722508d ago

It is not in game content so I am not complaining

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