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Nick at GameCloud writes: "I genuinely had a lot of fun with Watch Dogs when it finally decided to break away from the norm, but it just feels too similar to other efforts and doesn’t take advantage of its brilliant IP. Instead of focusing on it’s core idea of hacking as a weapon, it flounders about with gunning down enemies and going for the tried-and-true. In the end, it comes across as a well designed but uninspired game that squanders the brilliant spark of intellect that got everyone so pumped for it in the first place. I guess it really goes to show you can’t teach a watch dog new tricks."

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ritsuka6662501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Very generous score. It was just one of the most dissapointing games 2014 already.

TrueTestament2501d ago

yeah, Watch Dogs is definitely the #1 most dissapointing game of 2014 for me so far.

My own fault really, I expected It to be the next-gen GTA.

KTF262500d ago

you didn't enjoy it because you think it's GTA
but it's not

RVanner_2501d ago

I decided to hold off due to all the negative reviews of the game and just can't bring myself to spend £49.99 so I can judge for myself. Always trade in value but still losing £20+ is a definite.

SuperBlunt2501d ago

Ignore the negativity about this game its a very fun game that allows you to strategically plan out an attack, hack, ambush, or capture. Its the best next gen game so far imo with wolfenstein and mgsv's prologue being right behind it

SolidDuck2501d ago

I agree with u, except swap transistor for mgs.

SuperBlunt2500d ago

is it that good? i was heavily contemplating getting it

optimus2501d ago

I agree, initially i didn't think it was that groundbreaking and gave it 7/10 but the more i played it the more into it i got. So far i haven't gotten tired of the gang hideouts. Even though they are side missions it's getting harder and harder to ignore when you are near one...spent a good hour playing poker without realizing it...

still not a groundbreaking game but better than i initially thought. Not to mention i'm playing it on the 360. My only gripe so far is the driving, but i can bare it considering i don't spend that much time driving anyway. 8/10... So far.

SuperBlunt2500d ago

gang hideouts are really good fun

Ken852500d ago

Yeah I agree, WatchDogs is just one of those games that you gotta play a lot of to get into it. I think people dive head first in the game and don't get the feel of it then quit too early.

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The story is too old to be commented.