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While the multiplayer hits home with some amazing sequences, everything else in Watch Dogs just seems average. The game has tried to go in so many directions at once that each piece just can’t support the weight of the whole.

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Anthotis2503d ago

An honest review.

Throw in the issue of psychic, teleporting police and you have yourself a prize turkey in Watch_Dogs.

Gazondaily2503d ago

I regret not mentioning the psychic police in my review. That drove me up the wall. I have some video footage of me in some random alley and the whole Chicago police unit just happens to be parked right outside the alley without even spotting me.

JeffGUNZ2503d ago

I enjoy the game, it's a nice filler for a bit, but I agree the police are awful. I dread it. I pull the draw bridge, they don't make it, and all of the sudden 4 appear a block away. Also, I am getting shot at for stealing a car? hmm.

Sketchy_Galore2503d ago

Wait, my scan shows that you made that comment from a stolen mobile phone. All units. All units. Suspected thief of small items. Shoot to kill. Repeat. Shoot to kill. Block all roads and magically appear in all back alleys and many other places you could not have logically gotten into without being seen by the suspect.

mafiahajeri2503d ago

Maybe it's secretly the matrix and the cops are agents? Didn't think of that, did you!

user56695102503d ago

LMAO these comments are hilarious. Sounds really annoying. I hope they patch it.

Sketchy_Galore2503d ago

I couldn't agree more with this review. Especially the part about constantly switching opinions on it. There were many points at which I'd start to think, 'You know, actually this game is quite good, it took me a while but I am starting to enjoy this' then every time, every single time some poor design choice or lack of the most basic polish would show up to frustrate me.

In that sense it reminds me so much of Assassin's creed 3. It's as if they got so many people to add so many features that on paper it should be the best game ever but nobody bothered to look at the piece as a whole and think about whether it was actually an enjoyable experience for the player. It feels like a game completely assembled by focus groups and market research, without any actual of the personal craftsmanship that would have made sure it all hung together to make a decent game rather than simply ticking all possible boxes of what our research tells us gamers want.

user56695102503d ago

From what you said its sound like most big release the rush the devs to release. GtaV, skyrim I could go on forever. This is getting bad.

OwnageDC6502503d ago

Finished the game last week. I had a good time and didn't have much of a problem with the police either.