5 Actors You Didn't Know Voiced Video Game Characters

Movie actors lending their voices to video game characters isn’t exactly a new phenomenon but with the recent announcement that House of Cards mainstay Kevin Spacey will be providing both his voice and likeness to the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this transition from film to video games has certainly gotten some added attention. Other notable endeavors, such as Keifer Sutherland’s starring role in Metal Gear Solid V and Quantum Dreams’ most recent game Beyond: Two Souls which featured both the likenesses and voices of actors such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, prove that there are plenty of high-profile actors who are at least curious about this new digital venue for displaying their acting talents. What more casual movie-buffs may *not* know is that there are plenty of other actors who lent their voices to various games and flew almost completely under the radar while doing so.

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Kraftwerk2500d ago

With all the fake moaning she's done I'm not surprised.

Deadpoolio2500d ago

I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge she was in Saints Row the third....It's about as secretive as saying Tera Patrick was in Saints Row 2...They marketed the hell out of the porn stars

jreeves822500d ago

I already knew all of those.

Harmonizer2500d ago

Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) in Witcher 3. First video game appearance for him. Can't wait :)

AcceptedWalnut2500d ago

I'm sure I read Peter Dinklage was doing a voice for Destiny too :D

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