One of Kojima's men freaked out when he saw 'MGSV: TPP' E3 trailer

Kaz made this freaking face when he saw MGSV TPP E3 trailer during his VO session.

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Gazondaily2506d ago

After last year's complete B.S MEGA announcement, I won't be buying tickets for Kojima's fabled hype train.

Mikefizzled2506d ago

I dont think he freaked out due to hype. I think this is the trailer that Kojima described to as hard to watch. I imagine in to be like the ending of Ground Zeroes which was rather disturbing.

zeuanimals2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Has Kojima always been this annoying? I remember every other article for an entire month was him hyping up something or damage controlling something. This wasn't the same details, just from multiple articles, this was different instances he hypes things up.

Good thing I didn't pay attention to gaming media when I played his previous games because if he was as annoying back then as he has been recently... I don't think I'd look back at his games as fondly.

Eyesoftheraven2506d ago

Seriously Zeuanimals? Have you seen The Thin Red Line? Kojima is Colonel Tall (Nick Nolte) everyone below him is like Captain Staros (Elias Koteas). You may not like what he does, but he knows EXACTLY why he's doing it and how it needs to be done. He has earned his stripes, and respect.

OWWO2506d ago

meh. mgs and freaking out?!


You have never played the game don't you?

Studio-YaMi2506d ago

did you*

He probably didn't.

Axonometri2506d ago

You have never played the game, "have" you?

Studio-YaMi2506d ago

Ahhh much better! :D

The Meerkat2506d ago

If its anything like MGS Ground Zeroes the a 2 minute trailer could be complete walkthrough.

DarkLord10032506d ago

Don't believe the Hype - you'll only be disappointed. It's always the same with kojima-San lately. I really appreciate what he did for the industry but he to me he is slowly becoming more and more annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.