Dream Sony Wishlist For E3 2014

"Even with many other companies trying to get into the mix, the big three gaming companies are still Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. JPS already put together a dream wishlist of what we most wanted to see from Nintendo at E3 2014, some more realistic than others, so it makes sense to do the same with our other two contenders. For today’s list, we are going to focus on Sony."


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MrSwankSinatra2507d ago

This is the one list that i entirely agree with. An to be honest it's not like activision needs the spyro IP. Skylanders will sell well without Spyro.

infinitewords2507d ago

I think Square has an opportunity to steal the show. They could show some gameplay for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 and possibly give a release window for FF15. As well as announcing FF12 HD and KH: 3D HD and let's not forget that they now own the rights to Hitman and Tomb Raider. They definitely have a golden opportunity, let's hope they dont waste it.

DonDon2507d ago

I want to see:

-Persona 5,
-FF 15,
- Beast Souls/Demon's Souls 2,
-Metal Gear Online for MGS V
-New IP's from Sony

Clover9042506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

-The Division
-Quantic Dream PS4 game
-Media Molecule PS4 game

PlayStation Vita:
-Metal Gear Peace Walker 2
-Freedom Wars
-Gravity Rush 2
-Ni No Kuni Vita

breakpad2506d ago

Sony-made-Crash bandicoot and Last guardian are really a dream list for the other i dont care so much.... a MGS1 remake or any other mGS exclusive for PS4 would be awesome to..Sony should have bought Crash or SOlid Snake as mascots back then like they did with Naughty D and Guerilla

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