Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Available For Preorder; Starter And Collector's Packs Detailed

Twinfinite writes:

With the announcement of the release date for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, Square Enix Japan has wasted no time in opening up pre-orders for the title.

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Snookies122504d ago

I will buy the hell out of this game. I would buy it twice, if there were a Vita version...

MrSwankSinatra2504d ago

If there was a vita version that would be awesome.

munnyndonuts2504d ago

It's only for Japan right now, unfortunately. But I'm pretty sure we'll hear news about the preorders coming stateside soon too.

crxss2503d ago

Releases in japan, 6 months later everywhere else .-.

Xof2504d ago

I expect we'll get the same kind of cheapass, worse-than-the-normal-edition "special edition" as we got with FFX and KH1.

LauretteV2504d ago

It is one of the childhood games i liked most

Chaos_Raiden2504d ago

Day one buy. Going to get the limited edition or collector's edition if possible.

Agent_hitman2504d ago

Too many remastered games on a current gen.. imo I think it's kinda sad, since the development of newer games takes 3-5 years to finish. As expected, to cover the losses, they would just release a retouch/remastered version at $60 price.

mkis0072503d ago

This game is on last gen only...

SoulSercher6202503d ago

Umm this is going to be $40. If you're paying $60 for this or any other last gen remastered game there's something wrong with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.