My 10 Bold Predictions for E3 2014 I IGN

IGN's Mufaddal Fakhruddin peers into his crystal ball to find out what could happen at the industry's largest gaming event.

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BattleReach2503d ago

Let's hope these predictions become true.

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pompombrum2503d ago

Microsoft announce Halo 2 Anniversary with MP, Rockstar (don't think they even go to E3) announce a next gen GTA 5 and Quantic Dreams announce their first next gen game and I'll be more than satisfied with just that. Any other announcements would be gravy.

Matt6662503d ago

In my own opinion I don't want a next gen GTA5 it already been released on PS3/360, if anything should be PC release only then Rockstar should put there resources and effort either into a new game or a sequel to a game.

Furthermore I don't want more HD remakes I want new games for my new consoles.

snookiegamer2503d ago

Well thank God these gaming co's don't make games specifically for you.

A lot of gamers want GTA V on current gen, since the wait for GTA VI would be too long.

I want, I want....yeh ok.

SpideySpeakz2503d ago

I want GTAV on current gen - because I've said my goodbyes to last gen..and I havent played GTA5 yet. So it's not hurting anything if GTA5 comes to PS4/Xbone.

Master-H2503d ago

I agree with you, i might re-buy it for 40 dollars if they include a new singeplayer expansion though.

kingdom182503d ago

I hope we hear about the Last Guardian...

Crossbones2503d ago

Rockstar will announce Agent. Will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. Will also announce GTA V next-gen versions.


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