Mario Maker rumor just might be fake

Several signs point at the new Mario Maker rumor being fake with one big aspect being that the rumored image uses very familiar Nintendo art.

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PurpatraitorMGS2513d ago

A rumor can be fabricated? I was unaware of such a thing.

Moonman2513d ago

Don't most hand models hands look mostly alike? And why (if it is fake) do people go to such great lengths to try and fool gamers about E3?

LAWSON722512d ago

That hand is flat out indentical with same angle and stylus, I am with whoever wrote this it is going to be fake

Geobros2513d ago

Looks so real to be honest...

Moonman2512d ago

sure fooled me (if fake)...

secretcode2512d ago

"That isn’t the end of it. The Animal Crossing Villager looks like re-used art from old Smash Bros marketing materials too. The likelihood that Nintendo chose to re-use several pieces of old art for such a big event seems highly unlikely to me."

Except, hey. Smash Brothers is honestly their BIGGEST title at the show that we know of, even to the point of having a tournament in LA at the same time. Of COURSE they'll use Smash promotional materials.

Also, like Moonman said before: They're hand models. Might even be the same asset, even one that is honestly something that most people wouldn't care about if reused.

All this article is to me is someone trying to stir the pot for views more than anything.

wheresmymonkey2512d ago

I'm inclined to think i might be real. Nintendo reuse assets all the time. Especially in their promotional stuff,

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The story is too old to be commented.