Sony needs to put the "4" in 2014 at E3

GotGame: Microsoft and Sony are coming to E3 2014 on opposite ends of the spectrum, with the former looking to reverse the fortunes created by a series of about faces and the latter hoping only to hold on to the advantage first garnered at last year’s event. Microsoft is desperate while Sony is content – ironic given how their positions were inverted only a year prior – but now is not the time for complacency.

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AngelicIceDiamond2608d ago

I will give it to Sony for sticking it to MS last E3 it goes down as one of the most memorable and battle torn and even the most emotional E3 of all time.

With that said that was a year ago and we need to focus on the important aspect, which is the games. Certain Sony fanboys can only use the DRM as a crutch for an excuse for so long.

Sony needs to WOW at E3. There silence could make a great splash at E3. But at the same time Sony could buckle a bit at the show.

Who knows, nobody knows, E3 is close so we gotta wait and see.

staticdash222608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yea, I don't think they're playing to wow at E3. This narrative that they "need" to have a big show is confusing. Plus, Have you seen their competitor's last few NPD figures? The announcement of the price drop pretty much signaled an even worse May, it may not break 100K. I think they're planning on continuing their strong partnerships with third parties, who will help them ride out the rest of 2014.

Assassins Creed, and Destiny are gonna be two of the biggest games this year and will have playstation content. Word of mouth on ps4 multiplats performing better is still out there, so the system is turning into the definitive option for big games. Driveclub and maybe a surprise or two is my realistic expectation.

AngelicIceDiamond2608d ago

Your right maybe not "need" to MS is the one in need actually.

I suspect the month of May to see some really poor numbers only because ppl are holding off until next week.

MS will really have to bite down on low sales they'll see last month.

Other than that Your right and I agree.

NewMonday2608d ago

Sony are announcing PS4 games daily in the lead up to the show, U4 and Project Beast will most likely be shown @E3, also SSM are teasing an announcement.

MasterCornholio2607d ago

Pretty much agree with you that Microsoft needs a good E3 more than Sony especially with their sales numbers.

Kingthrash3602607d ago

I still don't get this argument...both will have a show. Sony doesn't need to win this does. Sony sold about 8 mil by now ms think Sony needs this is off because ms royally #&#% last year up and I doubt sony will make that mistake.
Ms will bring games Sony will think any of them will not have great shows is just conjecture.
The only ones who have to have a great show is ms sell product. Sony can have an average show and still be OK. With uncharted alone they will be OK. With halo ms will be OK. With Zelda nin will be OK.
We just need to relax and let them show us the games and enjoy the whole show...then after we can say who won what and such.

Phatty2607d ago

For me Sony always has the best shows, and the best games. Nintendo could come out and make a huge splash too this year I think...

alexkoepp2607d ago

So many delays its a bummer. You can be sure of one thing though, Call of Duty and Assassins Creed will be ready, and unfortunately since those will be the only titles out this year, we'll have to choice but to buy these games that are seriously fatigued.

blackbeld2607d ago

Sony will show they're new ip's like usual at E3 so no worries.

What is this "Sony needs to put the "4" in 2014 at E3"

Like PS4-U?

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URNightmare2608d ago

Anyone that's been following these two companies since the beginning with announcements knows that this E3 belongs to Sony just like last year's.

psforward2607d ago

Being a mostly Sony gamer I hope you're right, but a huge showing from MS could make it very interesting. No disrespect to Nintendo.

Patrick_pk442607d ago

Problem with Sony is that many of the exclusives we believed we were going to see aren't being shown at E3, instead are being divided and shown in other video game conferences. Microsoft is the only one who needs to show something to sell.

mrpsychoticstalker2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Not happening this year. MS seems much more prepare for E3 than Sony and since last year it was rough... All the attention it's on Microsoft.

psforward2607d ago

The attention is on Microsoft because they have the most to prove right now. Sure they could "win" E3 but they almost have to or risk falling that much further behind. I'm hoping all of the "Big 3" have amazing things to show us.

disKinected2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

"All the attention it's on Microsoft."

Nope. Nice try though.

OT: Can't wait for sony's e3.
They are definitely going to announce something big. They aren't renting theaters for nothing.

Stevino1232607d ago

maybe because they announce everything before E3 so we barley have any surprises. Sony has been really quiet. Really quiet.

AngelicIceDiamond2607d ago

That was Phil's plan. Announce the usual AAA's and the price drop so they focus on the newer things at E3 they said they have some special things to talk about and even mentioned some hotly anticipated AAA games he think will wow ppl.

So MS E3 should be interesting.

NexGen2607d ago

Barley is one of my favorite grains too.

Rimeskeem2607d ago

Knowing that Sony made a live stream app and rented theaters for E3 I feel like they are more ready

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RyanRBates2607d ago

Just really hoping to hear more about PlayStation Now, as well as first-party titles.

Illusive_Man2607d ago

Sony only won on PR. They didn't win on hames, and they won't have an incompetent MS to help them this time. I hope they have their A game ready because Phil is coming for headshots.

Resistance_lord2607d ago

I don't know if anyone won with "Hames"

rarity2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

What are hames? Is that some kind of food? Was there a cooking contest I didn't know about?

-Foxtrot2607d ago

Sounds like a Pig disease

metatronx2607d ago

Now that makes sense. Phil Spencer has been mentioning about something exciting, maybe he was refering to hames as a new type of food for MS gamers ;)

disKinected2607d ago

"Phil is coming for headshots."

I hope he knows how to hold a gun, or else he will be slain at the hands of Mark Cerny. ;)

ziggurcat2607d ago

@ illusive:

"Sony only won on PR..."

... and sales... and multiplats... and optional peripherals... and DRM... and so on...

also, "they didn't win on games" is opinion, not fact.

98xpresent2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

They got sales , they got optional peripheral . But which multiplats have you seen that looks drastically better on the ps4 & they did have drm Yoshida confirmed it

ziggurcat2607d ago


no, they never had DRM.

and who said anything about "drastically"? multiplats have, on average, simply been better on PS4.

Spotie2607d ago

He didn't say anything resembling the word "drastic." But the fact is: multiplats look better- and noticeably so- on PS4. There's no need for the difference to be "drastic," especially since that was never the case last gen and yet it was a constant feather in the cap of the Xbox faithful.

Persian_Immortal2607d ago

There were PS3 games shown that mopped the floor with Xbox One launch titles, heck sony could have made those PS3 titles PS4 exclusives, MS gave up on the 360 that night. People look past these PS3 games but its clear those were of higher quality than Xbox One and PS4 games. I know alot of gamers have short term memories but as the years go on PS4 will benefit as much as the PS3 did, and from then on Sony will continue to drag ms around the dessert.

rainslacker2607d ago

Oh illusive, you silly man. If there's one thing we can always count on it's that MS will be incompetent. It's just their corporate culture to be so.

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