Aaron Paul's XBOX One Commercial Is The First To Advertise the $399 Kinect-less Bundle

Twinfinite writes:

Microsoft has just released a new XBOX One commercial featuring Aaron Paul. This commercial also seems to be the first to feature the $399 Kinect-less XBOX.

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FamilyGuy2502d ago

This commercial obviously wasn't made for public tv :/

Army_of_Darkness2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

advertising a kinect-less xbone while clearly using kinect features in the ad, LOL! oh how I love MS's sneaky ways ;-)

blackbeld2501d ago

Hmmm what can I say more? Typical Microsoft.

Booo Bitch!

NewMonday2501d ago


was about to point it out

+ bubble for intelligent

Prime1572501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

All the parents that well get suckered into this just like 360...

"What do you mean I have to buy this 'live' card to play online?"

"No wireless adapter?"

"Not enough hard drive for dlc? I don't get it."

"Can't stream Netflix without 'live?'"

"Red ring? This is my fourth Xbox for my child."

"What do you mean I need Kinect for voice commands? He wanted to say, 'capture that.'"

So glad I'm out of electronic retail now... I can't tell you how many retail clerks got attitude and yelled at that for when an angry (ignorant consumer) parent came back to spend more money, especially during the bad economic times...

bintarok2501d ago

Somehow i like the B-bomb rated ad, haha it just feels fresh after all those played-nice ads we saw on TV. Clearly this ad is targetting hardcore gamers, but the kinect gimmick is kind of over saturated.

maddskull2501d ago

@crxss the xbox one isn't even on in that commercial check it.

sinspirit2501d ago

Microsoft needs to stop with their celebrity endorsement stunts.

Jerry Seinfeld, Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Alba, Will Arnett, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, and more people that have nothing to do with the products they pay them to endorse. How much money do they spend on advertisements to raise the spending of their game departments to tell people they are putting a lot of money into games? They spent $500 million to advertise the first Kinect. I'm not insulting what games or consoles they've made, but they seriously need to stop the stunts and put heart into more worthwhile things.

creatchee2501d ago


You do realize that celebrity endorsement has been around as long as celebrity and endorsement, right?

darthv722501d ago

Its basically the same type of ad that has been used for thousands of retail products/services.

They show the fully loaded model in the ad but end with a starting price and disclaimer about how certain restrictions apply.

Cell phone companies are the worst when it comes to advertising like this.

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AngelicIceDiamond2501d ago

Lol I say that when I'm having a rough night gaming.

I'm not kidding I really do say that.

Riderz13372502d ago

He was using Kinect voice control, but the 399$ version doesn't even come with Kinect...

Mmkay then lol

rdgneoz32501d ago

Yah, right beneath the TV in the center is the Kinect. And in small print beneath the $399 price tag at the end is "Sold separately"... And below that in even smaller print "Some features require kinect" (voice/video chat or commands)and "retail prices may vary".

If the the new kinect for windows is anything to go by, it'll cost a lot more (to get it after the fact) than a regular bundle with a game.

Charybdis2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Agree now people will go to the store see the two versions and be like why should I buy the expensive version when pricing starts at 399$, except for the talking and skype kinect features showcased in the video. Pretty sure that there will be people who won't bother checking the differences between the two versions before spending over 399$.

SilentNegotiator2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Can Microsoft do ANYTHING without being some level of underhanded?

Practically all they do is show off Kinect features in this commercial and then they put the $399 price at the end?

rainslacker2501d ago

Underhanded or not, it's not atypical for advertising to do this kind of crap.

While I hate to defend MS, they still have a vested interest in making Kinect viable. I'd be more surprised if they didn't add those things to try and make people think that they want or need those features.

SilentNegotiator2501d ago

Typical for ads, sure, but how often is it a result of the company removing the feature as standard and at the exact same time, putting that feature front and center in the commercial?

rainslacker2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


To that I can't say. I don't really keep track of such things.:)

It's shady advertising for sure. But I think MS, or more likely the retail outlets, that are going to have to deal with any fallout due to dissatisfied customers are the ones that have to worry about it more.

I know personally I find it really annoying when I buy a product expecting certain features, and then find out I have to buy a more expensive version, or additional items, to obtain those features. It actually happens a lot with electronics. Unfortunately, at times, I don't do enough research to make sure I'm getting what I want. I've gotten better with age, and becoming more patient in my major purchasing decisions.

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pody2501d ago

What is this from, and it is Aaron Paul?

TOTSUKO2501d ago

Aaron Paul was a contestant for The price is right.

He was also in a pops cereal commercial. lol

problemchild842501d ago

Aaron Paul is in a juicy fruit commercial as well.

Hellsvacancy2501d ago

I wonder how many people will buy the Kinectless XB1, get home, plug the thing in and say "Xbox Titanfall"............. and then noting happens "why won't my game start"

The entire trailer shows the uses of Kinect and then at the end it sais in little words "Kinect sold separately"

jessupj2501d ago

At least MS was gracious enough to state "sold separately", even if it is in fine print.

Although maybe they legally have to.

Hellsvacancy2501d ago

The legal bit probably lol

rainslacker2501d ago

It makes people think they want the feature, or at the very least talking about it to others, which spreads the idea that it's a needed feature. Get the system sold, then worry about the customer service fall out later. Face it, returning an open console isn't really a thing, as most companies don't allow it.

Lots of companies do this kind of crap, and most all of them know that there are plenty of customers that don't research anything.

Aceman182501d ago

Someone please tell me that this ad is not running on TV cause they can do much, much better than this.

True_Samurai2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It was behind the scenes -_- does no one read descriptions anymore?

GribbleGrunger2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

So ... the advert shows a guy using the XB1 with Kinect and then at the end it shows the Kinectless SKU and a price. Not once does it mention that you'll need to buy a Kinect to do those things in the commercial. That is false advertising.

sinspirit2501d ago

Even when they are selling a Kinect-less model... They are trying to sell Kinect..

rainslacker2501d ago

It's in the very small print in the last few seconds of the commercial. You know, where companies put things that they don't want people to know.

Joey_Leone2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

This is too funny, no one wants to buy that cablebox so now your using Aaron paul to sell your products, PATHETIC. Btw did you see how the respawn designer dude was treating aaron like a little kid by going up to an enemy and then giving him the controller to kill him? Too funny. I'm NEVER buying an xbox, you guys tried pulling off this stunt with boogie2988 and it failed, what made you guys think this would work?

ALLWRONG2501d ago

Aaron Paul now officially hated by PS fans

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AceBlazer132502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

God dammit Jessie.

Lol after thinking about it this is just hilarious considering Sony produced Breaking Bad

XD anyone realize the Xbox was off?

cl19832502d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing, however they also show cased the 360 in a few episodes.

Bonkerz2502d ago

Xbox wasnt off, the lighting is just hitting it. Even my X1 when a glare is inside you cant tell if the light if on or off. Its all about the lighting.

Muerte24942502d ago

I found it funny that they still needed Kinect to do all the voice commands. It's cool they showed the 399 SKU at the end of the trailer but advertised most of the features that require the $500 SKU.

munnyndonuts2502d ago

LOL exactly what I said when I wrote up this article! Microsoft really loves their Kinect.


Um, I am not sure if it was off, you can see the sensors on the top of the controller flickering.


eh...sometimes we forget that its mostly xbox vs playstation and not all of sony vs microsoft.

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GamersHeaven2502d ago

One of the worst commercials I have ever seen.

KendrickLamar2501d ago

Ah, Heisenberg-er, managed to make it here? What, got tired of trolling on IGN?

arinaborina2501d ago

One of the biggest fanboys on N4g. the fact u got agrees baffles me to the idea of n4g being filled with sony fanboys. no offense taken ps4 fanboys, i love and own a ps4.

sinspirit2501d ago

Indeed, they pay far too much on celebrity endorsements and other stunts, which makes you wonder how much of the $1 billion they say they spent on games was actually on the games themselves when you take into account that they spent $500 million just to advertise the first Kinect.

So, this is a commercial for the Kinect-less SKU, oh but lets throw in tons of Kinect-only demonstrations..

FITgamer2502d ago

That's not the same commercial they've been showing in my area. This one is bad.

JediDiah2502d ago

Kinect-less? He had one DUH!