NBA Live 15 coming to PS4, Xbox One on Oct. 7

NBA Live 15, the latest entry in EA Sports' basketball simulation franchise, will arrive Oct. 7 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, executive producer Sean O'Brien announced today. When it does, O'Brien hopes the new NBA Live will address two major shortcomings from last year's game.

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PurpatraitorMGS2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I will give this a look but i doubt i will be putting in much time in to it. I will just stick to 2K.

SkippyPaccino2507d ago

I hope they actually put an effort this time... Ea should just concentrate on what they do best (Madden, FIFA, NHL) and let 2K take care of the basketball games...

Crossbones2507d ago

It's like they still didn't understand their lesson last year.

MrSwankSinatra2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

EA???? Didn't you learn from last year. You better hope 2K doesn't get make a NFL otherwise all you'll have is FIFA.

zeuanimals2507d ago

In 2004, NFL 2K was killing Madden, so EA signed a deal with the NFL for the official license and now EA has the exclusive rights to use real NFL teams and players.

We won't be seeing another NFL 2K ever again unless something happens to that license. That goddamn EA...

Also, PES competes with FIFA, though PES has been lagging behind a bit.

imt5582507d ago

Quote :

Also, PES competes with FIFA, though PES has been lagging behind a bit.

Well, i hope that this year we will se true next-gen football. FIFA 14 on PS4/Xbone is just FIFA 14 Full HD.

Dmagic2507d ago

Killing Madden in 04? Yeah you were the kid in the quarter trying to stop the run all real football game players know that Madden 04 was one of the best ever 2k couldn't come close it got crushed and it was 30$ cheaper. 2k football was never on maddens level at all now basketball was a different story.

zeuanimals2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

@Dmagic: It's Madden 05, not 04. Sports games, atleast NHL, NFL, and the NBA are counted a year ahead than the actual year it releases because they count the season's end.

And yes, Madden 04 was amazing and much better than NFL 2K4.

Madden 05 vs. NFL 2K5, there was universal praise for NFL 2K5 and it was selling much better than Madden 05.

What matters to EA wasn't that 2K's game was better, it was that they weren't selling as well or better. Maybe the quality of the game mattered too, but this EA, and quality definitely doesn't matter now.

authentic2507d ago

Since 2K has been complete trash the past few years, I just might have to give EA one more chance.

Fishy Fingers2507d ago

Last few 2K games were far superior to Live.

authentic2507d ago

That's not saying much...I know live has been trash since 05.

iceman062507d ago

Yet you have hope for Live? The franchise that actually had a couple of years to get itself together? Not being disrespectful to your opinion, but I just don't see it magically getting great in a years time. Whereas 2K has a more than solid foundation on the next gen. Now, they just need to tweak what wasn't working. IMO the only down years have been the last 2 for 2K...but they were still FAR better than Live.

authentic2507d ago

When did I say I have hope? I don't have hope for either game since their last few installments have been terrible. I said I just might have to give it another chance because 2K has been nearly just as bad.

iceman062507d ago

I feel you on the loss of hope. I just disagree that 2K has been anywhere nearly as bad. But, hey, give it a go and let us know how it is. I know that I won't be falling on that sword anytime soon. LOL

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