Stop Saying ‘Next-Gen’ Now

The Laymen's Gamer talks about why journalists, vloggers, and bloggers alike should stop using the term next generation when referring to PS4, XB1, and WiiU.

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Chespin2503d ago

No game has done anything next gen yet...

laymensgamer2503d ago

What's your expectation? For the console to do your dishes for you? Whether or not the currently released games have impressed or not... that's not what this article is discussing. This article is talking about the overuse of an improper term to describe the current generation of gaming.
If you feel the currently released games for this generation are unimpressive, that's fine, but refrain from calling upcoming games "next-gen" just because they meet your expectations for what "next-gen" SHOULD be.

Ck1x2503d ago

As much as people hate to admit this, you are correct! There's not one game that's come out that couldn't essentially have been represented on the previous consoles. This is why publishers will continue to put out cross gen games, until that buying market has dried up!

randomass1712503d ago

What about InFamous Second Son? That's exclusive to PS4.

Chespin2503d ago

I'm gonna get shit for this but that game didn't impress me much. Sure it had the looks but did it have the touch? Now don't get me wrong,yeah I think it's alright. But that won't keep me busy in the middle of the night.

user56695102503d ago

What does this do that's next gen besides gfx. What is this next gen bar that y'all keep talking about because all I hear is gfx

Gh05t2502d ago


Half these people probably weren't born when that song came out.

And you deserve all the crap you get for that.

I thought it was clever though.

AngelicIceDiamond2503d ago

That's what I'm saying. Besides Infamous, Killzone and even Ryse are a taste of what to expect.

Third party are yet to truly jump on board. Assassin's Creed: Unity, are using 2 new studios. One for last gen and one for next gen. That's smart even MS Forza is doing that.

With that said Not all devs have that kind of luxury.

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Fizzgig2503d ago

Let's call it... "Latest-Gen"

laymensgamer2503d ago

There seriously is no pleasing some people! This article is discussing the term and its use, not whether or not currently released games of this generation are impressive.

rextraordinaire2503d ago

When the ps3 and xbox 360 will be dead, maybe. But both are still very alive and well, with many important titles coming exclusively for those, like Persona 5 , Tales of Zestiria, Borderlands the presequel etc.

ps4 and xbox one are still next, not absolutely current.

Codey472503d ago

Ahh least it isn't as bad as confusing Hard Disk space for system RAM......

Cus that's just a nooblet error.

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The story is too old to be commented.