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ShadowGhost2508d ago

Nice list of games. Can't wait to see the conference at my local movie theater. It's gonna be awesome!


Yeah, this is a big list of games.

WildArmed2508d ago

Are they doing that now? Interesting. I guess E3 is becoming more and more mainstream. Good for gaming.

Kosmacz2508d ago

Don't worry, this is just a selection of games he was allowed to announce:) It looks good.

BitbyDeath2508d ago

Games listed are what will be available to play on the show floor, not what will be appearing at the conference itself.

prodg522508d ago

Where is Gravity Rush 2? It was announced last year.

FamilyGuy2508d ago

18 seconds in to the video that looks a lot like The Hiphop gamer. Funny cuz people always said he was a bigger fan of Sony and he gets highlighted at last years E3 in this short clip. Could have just been some random guy though lol

joeyisback2508d ago

Yeah that's hiphopgamer he posted video like 2 months ago with new battle field info had all the right info funny how all the big sites got it months later and shows up on n4g

imt5582508d ago

That's a shitload of games!!! Damn!

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