You Have to Listen to These New Pieces of Music From The Witcher 3′s Soundtrack

OnlySP: During the intermission period of the livestream for The Witcher 3 that occurred today, some new music was played for the game and by golly is it good.

There's a total of four songs to listen to.

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ArchangelMike1595d ago

Awesome soundtrack. I loved the ambience and music in Witcher 2. It adds massively to the sense of immersion.

NovusTerminus1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I am waiting to play that game. Building a gaming PC and it's first on my list of things to play. Got it on a Steam sale for $4.99

I can't wait! Love everything I've seen and heard in The Witcher 3 so far.


We are on the same boat, Can't wait!

FalloutWanderer20771595d ago

You are in for a treat my friend! Have you played the first Witcher game at all? I highly recommend it! It is a little quirky and rough around the edges but certainly worth every minute of it.

Some fans even enjoy it more than the second game. (A vocal minority say otherwise)I love both games. Witcher 2 improves A LOT but it also takes a step back in a few areas unfortunately (Witcher 3 is looking to fix that thankfully).

Regardless,you cannot go wrong with either game.One of my favorite series of games and Universes without a doubt.

I waited a long time to play Witcher 2 until I built my gaming rig as well. I wanted to play the game as it was original meant to be played and do it justice!

No offense xbox 360 owners,As great as the Witcher 2 port was,it still just isn't the same compared to on PC :)

Enjoy your new PC and playing Witcher 2 my friend!

What did you end up building if you don't mind me asking?

NovusTerminus1595d ago

I am getting a i7 4770k, EVGA GTX 770 4gig and 8gigs RAM.

I have not played the first one, buyt my current comp might run it. Gonna look into it!

starchild1595d ago

Yeah the soundtrack to The Witcher 2 was beautiful and haunting. It really did add a lot to the game. Music and sound design in general is a highly underrated aspect of games. Many people don't seem to realize just what a big impact music and sound design have on our enjoyment of games.

FalloutWanderer20771595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )


I still enjoy and think the first witcher games soundtrack was better.Third game seems like a combination of 1 & 2 with it's own unique identity.Good so far.

Music in games is overlooked and under appreciated at times.It's just as important as gameplay and graphics when you get right down to it.

ETA: @starchild - Didn't read your comment until after I posted. Looks like great minds think alike :) haha. I agree with what you wrote. Music and sound design is crucial. Some of the best and most iconic games of all-time had amazing soundtracks and sound design.

Grap1595d ago

Wow really good soundtrack.

starchild1595d ago

Make it ready, man. Make it ready.

mdluffy1595d ago

In the new trailer what is the song that's playing in the big part of the first half?

--bienio--1595d ago

Wow!!! Is like first Witcher, thats good!!;)

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