3 Bold Predictions For The Big 3 at E3

SheAttack: E3 is in less than 4 days! We are excited here at SheAttack and making our predictions. Here are Erica's BOLD predictions for the BIG 3 at E3!

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JBSleek2501d ago

My 3 Bold Predictions:

1. Some Summer of Arcade equivalent is release on Xbox One this summer.

2. The Last Guardian gets a release window of Summer 2015

3. 3D Metroid game for Wii U will be announced for Fall 2015

incendy352501d ago

I like the idea of Gears being about Emergence Day. Just read the description of it, it is screaming to be made into a game!

"Emergence Day or E-Day was a swift, full-scale, coordinated and unprecedented planet-wide assault on the surface of Sera initiated by the Locust Horde. Every single major human city on the surface of Sera was attacked from the subterranean, using both bio-engineered weapons and stolen human technology. All breaches were along the ground line, in what was a campaign of rapid dominance. It was a textbook military invasion. There were massive casualties everywhere the Locust arrived; over a quarter of the total human population died on that very first day. The Locust Horde was able to deploy huge numbers of their forces into all major cities on the surface at once. The Locust rapidly dominated the humans in their massive assault and were able to defeat all organized human resistance for over a year. They had used the spoils of war and victory to gather all available military and civilian technological equipment and resources to use against the COG and the few UIR nations that still existed after the Pendulum Wars. The Locust Hordes onslaught and assault continued for a year until the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, in which the Hammer Of Dawn technology was deployed under the newly elected Chairman Richard Prescott."