A Wizard's Lizard- Immortal Edition Brings Zelda Style Gaming Back

Carl Williams writes, "The Legend of Zelda series is legendary in gaming, and for good reason. Nintendo hit the right formula at the right time and were able to keep the series alive and well for decades now. Gamers love it. That is why we are proud to bring news about a new game that is in the Legend of Zelda vein, A Wizard’s Lizard: Immortal Edition by Lost Decade Games for Windows, Linux and Mac."

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veegeeeffex2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Brings it back? Was it ever gone?

Please stop writing such terrible headlines.

sorane2502d ago

Very true. All one has to do is head over to twitch and see all the Zelda games being streamed and watched. The popularity of games such as The Binding of Isaac and others show there is plenty of life left in these types of games.

triverse2502d ago

I was not trying to imply that these types of games are dying, there are a lot of them available but very few are hitting mainstream popularity and gaining enough support to warrant sequels. That just shows the breadth of the market and that is great though, unless you really like certain games that become one shots.

triverse2502d ago

"Brings back" is being used in reference to the fact that on consoles, where these types of games gained the most popularity, this style of game is "dead". Sure, on PC, there are a lot of games like this and that is great. That doesn't change the fact that this type of game is still making a comeback, just this tie on PC's.