Xbox @ E3 2014 Predictions

Guys! The Electronic Three is, like, really soon. Here is whats probably going to go down at the Microsoft press conference.

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n4rc2511d ago

Electronic three?

Never heard that one before.. Lol

incendy352511d ago

I predict we will see Perfect Dark in some capacity. Hoping the rumor about a 3rd person adventure game are true.

MasterCornholio2511d ago

I hope we dont see any Kinect games from Rare because they really need to focus on the core again.

Wikkid6662511d ago

3014 wow! that's definitely looking into the future!

OC_MurphysLaw2511d ago

LOL.. yeah saw that. Unscripted shouldn't mean don't review your product for edits prior to releasing to the world.

gedden72511d ago

Here I can predict tooo

EA will act like they are exclusive to MS but aren't...
we will see 3rd party games that look good but seem to be exclusive but aren't and released date TBA or 2015.
Trailer for a new Halo TBA holiday 2015
Trailer for 1 or 2 first/second party games that will be released 2014-2015
Price drop that we all know.
and a sizzle reel of CG...