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GameDynamo - "Titanfall is a multiplayer-only affair that follows the exploits of two space faring factions, the Militia and the IMC and that's all the story you'll need with this game."

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brotherlymoses2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Hm, this game is easily a 9/10...if it would of had more content or be priced at $30 with all DLC for free, but no. It's very barebone and you get bored of using the same weapons, they need more weapons, attachments, camo, titans, gamemodes, etc... 7/10 as is.

Wni02507d ago

so cod with:
-double jump
-added ai fighters
-really tall tank thing
-multiplayer only

9/10. that seems pretty legit.

Gazondaily2507d ago

You obviously don't get the game.."really tall tank thing."



Wni02506d ago

When you break the gameplay of a titan down, its a really tall tank you press a button to get into.

If in 2016 we get "Warhounds" and it is the same game as CoD (shooting/running gameplay) but with very fast motorbikes and larger tracks, its still f*cking Call of Duty, just with super awesome bikes.

objdadon2507d ago

Got to admit that I haven't touched this game in a month now. It's fun especially the first couple of weeks after you get your hands on it but it's missing a certain level of competitiveness. Say what you want about cod but cod is competitive. Ghosts just sucks so I'll take Titanfall over that any day! The bots tend to get on my nerves after a while. It's a good game to go back to from time to time but it's missing something.

caseh2507d ago

'The bots tend to get on my nerves after a while.'

I figured that would be a common complaint after watching a few people play it on Twitch just after it came out. Maybe if they introduce a mode without bots, slightly smaller maps to compensate and maybe that would add the competitiveness you see in CoD.

daBUSHwhaka2507d ago

Just started getting back into this and ooh what has happened.This game is going the same way as battlefield.The worst matchmaking I've seen in any game.10 min to find a game,No sound,that can only be restored by hard rebooting,Lag spikes that are game breaking,lost connection and dropping you out and now there's falling through the map into code.So much for azure servers.Probably better of with EA's shitty pound shop servers.Not much to shout about with this game in its current state.5/10 on a good day.