Nobody Cares About Reviews for Mobile Games

Reviews are a critical part of the video game industry, but this importance doesn’t seem to extend to mobile entertainment. And there are definite reasons for that.

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Peter_Warrior2508d ago

The same who say that mobile games are "versions of games for casuals" would've been those who said "console games aren't video games like the computer games are" at the time.

Just keep in mind that our mobiles and tablets are becoming more powerful every day and getting more and more audience.

It's just a matter of time that the next The Last of Us or Halo to be released mobile first. Sure.

3-4-52508d ago


Phone games take gaming back decades.

Back in 1983 we had the NES controller, which offers more precise controls than ANY PHONE does now.

^ Answer to that please.....

We already had the A & B Button + 4 way directional pad which = better controls than any phone can offer.

And that was in the early 80's.

A Good control/controller should suck you into the game to the point you don't even realize there is a controller in your hand, you almost forget it's there.

* EVERY TIME you tap or swipe the screen your taking your focus away from the game and basically distracting yourself from having a better experience.

Peter_Warrior2505d ago

That's because devs are focusing on porting console-way-of-life over mobile instead of making the most of mobile unique capabilities.

And when you talk about NES controlling (which were the best ever, only surpassed by SNES and, to a lesser degree, Dreamcast), that's simply not true, and part of that ludo-narrative dissonance we critics are blabbering all day long. Give your grandma a NES controller and tell how intuitive is, how it "sucks you into the game".

I'm a hardcore gamer as you, guys, but things are gonna change. I understand you feel mobile tilting, swiping and tapping awkward and prefer the controllers you are used to, BUT it's the same feeling people had back when the WASD started, for example.

In the end, what I see more pointless of all that article and comments both there and here, is the arrogant point of view like "consoles are the supreme gaming machines" and "m-gaming isn't gaming at all", because it's the same silly tune that PC gamers sing to console gamers.

In fact, we as gamers who have been blamed for gaming, shouldn't blame gamers of different kind, and whether you like it or not, mobile devices have a vast wider audience that any other "gaming machine" has ever had. Deal with it, because there's a bunch of money behind.

Spotie2508d ago

Nope. Not happening. I can't even begin to explain why this won't happen, but the evidence against what you suggest is pretty staggering. Or, at the least, it's rather convincing.

Jdoki2508d ago

Nobody cares?

I do!

Mobile gaming is awesome, and I like to know if a game is a complete dud or not.

Peter_Warrior2508d ago

Also, soon we'll just talk about "just" video games regardless of mobile or not: you install something and play it along you mobile, your tablet, your TV, your toaster... let alone peripherals: glasses, watches, smartbands, even your car.

And if it's about the money, there are 6$ PC games and $19 mobile games. Guess which needs a review.

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Iltapalanyymi2508d ago

mobile games are the cancer killing the industry.

Jdoki2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

That is rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

How are they killing it?

EDIT: Bearing in mind both PS4 and XB1 are outselling their previous gen hardware - despite the mobile gaming industry growing.

And that video gaming has had paywalls, pay to win, free to play, microtransactions, DLC, episodic content for years.

And that brainless shovel-ware made up a huge proportion of the PS2 library (and yet we still get AAA titles two gens later)

And that there will be a chunk of gamers who play crappy mobile games and will want more and better experiences, so graduate to handhelds and consoles and PC's - therefore growing the gaming industry, bringing in more money, developers, publishers, Indies etc).

And there are hundreds of examples of really good games on mobile platforms (especially in genres like digital board gaming)

And that coding for mobile devices is 'easier' and cheaper than for consoles, so encouraging future programmers, artists, audio engineers etc, and potentially more innovation as there are less risks