Rioters Go In-Depth on Massive League of Legends Visual Update

Rioters take on burning questions about the Summoner's Rift facelift (or as some have been calling it, a Face-Rift).

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MeteorPanda2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

looking more and more awesome! the landscape did need to get tweaked to go with the characters all being remodelled.

l just hope people don't start 'it looks like dota 2 now!' hate wagon

idlet2502d ago

I agree, the rest of LoL was evolving beyond the old Summoner's Rift haha. It's going to be amazing

JackOfAllBlades2501d ago

Looks nice, I'll have to jump back in. So out of practice though..

Malphite2501d ago

It definately does look more like Dota 2/old Blizzard style. Not a bad thing though I definately like the redesign. I also like how they changed the jungle camps and gave Dragon and Baron nice spawn animations and new skills.

Sure some people won't like it but changes like this are what keeps me playing. If the game never changed I probably would've stopped playing a long time ago.