Islabomba - The Wii U's Latest Action-Puzzle Indie Game Will Make Use Of Miiverse & Feature Free DLC

Quietly announced for the Wii U late last year, you wouldn’t be forsaken for not knowing too much about Son of a Bit Entertainment’s debut Wii U eShop game, IslaBomba.

IslaBomba is an action-puzzle game set on a peaceful island in the middle of the ocean. The island is invaded by King Nasty, set on turning the island into his own personal playground featuring a tennis court, a bowling alley, and a go-kart track. The game puts you in the shoes of the island’s inhabitants as you try to defeat King Nasty by throwing his bombs into various substances, such as water and sand before their fuse runs out. There are three inhabitants to take control of, each with their own unique abilities including a penguin, a rabbit, and a turtle. Nintendo Enthusiast spoke with Eduardo and Alberto Saldaña to find out more about this interesting game.

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