How Gears of War Was the Xbox 360's Smartest Game

Hardcore Gamer: Absurdly gritty and violent, Gears of War became one of Microsoft’s biggest financial successes, but also a trigger point for what would eventually become the “dudebro” stereotype of the 360. It was also one of the most intelligent games to ever grace the Xbox 360.

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ValKilmer2507d ago

That's like saying frat boys are the smartest college students.

No_Limit2507d ago

Or like saying Val Kilmer is the best Batman. :-)

spicelicka2507d ago

You must be a frat boy because the article is talking about the game being smart not the dialogue or characters. The gameplay is probably still the best of any third person shooter, specially when it comes to multiplayer, no other game comes close to the fluidity of gears.

No_Limit2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The sad part is he was the one submitting the article. You would think the person submitting his article attempt to read or understand what the article is about before trolling the same article and face palming himself, in the process. LOL

PsylentKiller2507d ago

TLOU multiplayer is pretty awesome

HeWhoWalks2507d ago

I wouldn't say "no other game comes close to the fluidity" (especially when Gears borrowed from plenty of other games), but it's definitely among the best.

This, mind you, is the original Gears. Each sequel, while good, just didn't have the meaty feeling of the first.

spicelicka2507d ago


Yea i thought about that while writing that and you're right, TLOU multiplayer is awesome and unique so it's definitely up there. But it's also a different style of game, more slow and based on survival, gears is fast and visceral. Not that it's bad thing in either case but that's why I didn't compare then, because they are very different.


LOL wth i just noticed that, how does that even happen.

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LAWSON722507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I think ME1 was that will always be one of my fav RPGs, not sure what makes a game smart though lol

giovonni2507d ago

The article was spot on Gears was a very smart financial move for the 360. As the article goes on to also say " The controls were one of the brightest innovations for the generation; Gears of War introduced a fluid use of context-sensitive cover commands, allowing fast and simple traversal of a battlefield even during the height of firefights."

Of course the game has some faults, but still Gears was a game that took the seventh generation of console gaming by storm

LAWSON722507d ago

That is what I thought the article was referring to by smart (site dont load for me) but was not sure, that is definitely a fair claim.

gamerfan09092507d ago

I remember playing gears 1 and being completely blown away by it. I literally never played a game of its kind. There's only 4 games I played last gen that left me in awe Gears 1, Mass Effect, RDR, and Uncharted. Those games both gameplay wise and innovation wise completely blew me away when I first loaded them.

LAWSON722507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I agree with those but with GTA4, Oblivion and Halo 3s kickass MP.

xx4xx2507d ago

Gears freaking rocked. The campaigns were never what I would really consider smart or overly engrossing. But hot dawn was multiplayer amazing. The co-op horde was incredible amounts of fun. The vs. Multiplayer was amazing. The controls were seamless, a great mp experience.

Can't wait X1 gears.

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