More Battlefield Hardline Leaks – New Trailer, Screens, and Launch Date

MP1st - Things just won’t stay locked up for EA, DICE, and Visceral’s upcoming shooter, Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield fan and community member SkyEagleGaming has somehow managed to grab access to yet another trailer that puts the game’s release date at October 21. It also mentions a full five minute Battlefield Hardline multiplayer demo will appear at at some point in time.

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XiSasukeUchiha2502d ago

Damn these leaks are real :)

Starbucks_Fan2502d ago

I'm amazed the number of ignored users for you is only 41

Neonridr2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I just found out that 18 people are ignoring me...

I was like WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!? lol

venom062502d ago

this game is gonna be SOOOO badass... good to see so many YTers, competitive player in the BF community giving great praise of this game from their playtest in San Fransisco (these guys were critical of BF4, so they are not "yes" men).... cant wait for this one...Finally something different from Battlefield..

qzp2501d ago

please shut the fuck up.

TekoIie2501d ago

"these guys were critical of BF4"

So in your book they're whiny bitches right?

Joey_Leone2501d ago

The game has ps2 graphics, what the heck is going on? Please EA, bring BLACK back!!

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FlameHawk2502d ago

2 Weeks before Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, I honestly would not be surprised if it's buggy and a complete mess.

OrangePowerz2502d ago

Exactly what I was thinking

Ghost_Nappa2502d ago

Yep, say what you want about COD but I've never encountered game breaking glitches like in battlefield.

quenomamen2501d ago

270 kills, 22 deaths spawn trap from MW3 says hi to your dumb comment,

As well this 510 kills, 1 death match,

Yea, COD is has never had game breaking glitches, lol

mediate-this2501d ago

Yeah cod evolved into console breaking glitches.

Rickgrimes952502d ago

Agreed though I have to say this game looks pretty awesome, I will not be buying day one there's so many games coming out in October I would rather wait till the multiplayer is fully working

Matt6662501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I not going to be buying this BF at all, ever since I heard that youtubers are going to be helping out with the game, I expecting it to turn out more like COD considering half the youtubers they choice to help them enjoy QS etc. I could be completely wrong and it might turn out amazing but I wait and see.

dcj05242502d ago

I think it'll be fine. One bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch.

UltraNova2502d ago

Ehh its EA dude..I think the whole apple frickin tree is spoiled, drugging Dice down as well, all in sacrifice of corporate forecasts.

Since its another studio making this lets wait and see shall we?

ritsuka6662501d ago

They're trying to beat CoD at their own game! Putting out a game once a year. . . . EA is a complete joke.

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Nitrowolf22502d ago

Hope its good
Though given the recent one
New team so hopefully fresh start

majiebeast2502d ago

The unprecedented partnership with Microsoft didn't last very long.

6DEAD6END62502d ago

Money talks and right now Sonys on top of their game and selling tons of PS4(and games).

Lockon2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

IKR? I was like what the f***? When BF4 was shown at the Microsoft conference last year. Playstation remains the most loyal to the Battlefield series because we have the most players. Even higher than PC on both PS3 and PS4.

Sam Fisher2502d ago

Jesus they are not going to show shit on e3 at this point if this keeps going

ScottyHoss2501d ago

Meh, lots of that was from their previous trailer, nothing really new

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