The Order: 1886 Rendering Tech Behind its Amazing Graphics Explained “It’s Nice Being PS4 Exclusive”

Ready at Dawn Graphics and Engine Programmer Matt Pettineo is one of the most knowledgeable individuals about the tech behind The Order: 1886 (he’s the one behind the impressive lectures held at Siggraph and GDC 2013) and lately he shared a whole lot of detailed information on the game’s rendering tech.

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XiSasukeUchiha2503d ago

Ready at Dawn you already brought some great graphics on to the table!

The Order:1886 graphical videlicet is over 9000!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2503d ago

youre wack goto bed..

this game is alright just like SunsetOverdrive... Devs are all going for Graphics and games are becoming boring...

i bought Watchdogs that was a Snooze fest.. they need to focus on gameplay more..

pedrof932503d ago

Actually Watch dogs graphics aren't that great.

Abriael2503d ago

I'm not exactly sure where you've seen that Sunset Overdrive's devs are going for graphics.

Besides, Watch_Dogs is far from a snoozefest. I'm having a blast with it.

SuperBlunt2503d ago

watch dogs is a very innovative title whether you want to believe it or not and the order and sunset are two very different games that are going to be awesome in different ways. I wish i was never born in jersey cause of open minded peeps like you

GameDev12503d ago

I don't understand this, every time a dev either talks about great graphics or story for their game, people like you think they have lost priority for gameplay.

They are just talking about tech on a specific section of their game.

Convas2503d ago

Um ... Sunset Overdrive is all about gameplay, dunno what you've been seeing.

snookiegamer2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


Haha you made me LMAO!!! Sunset Overdrive looks 'fun', but is a million miles away from the fidelity of this game.

The headline is 'Rendering' & 'Amazing Visuals'...not 'Sunset Overdrive' game play?? How you have the audacity to even mention the two games in the same comment is Beyond Two Souls!!

...and Watch Dogs totally rocks!!!

360ICE2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

How is that anything like Sunset Overdrive? That game doesn't look particularly pretty. Right?


Watch Dogs is not an innovative title! I'll buy that it's fun and enjoyable, but there is not an element in there that is not a rehash from something else. / Rant over

Legendary-Status2503d ago

Sunset overdrive compared to The Order 1886 you go back 2 bed

johndoe112112503d ago

So you've played both those games and know that they are boring?? or are you judging them both from the 2 minutes of gamepaly we've seen from each of them???

Evilsnuggle2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

[email protected]

Only a hater would deny that The Order 1886 has some of or the best graphic seen on PC or console. You make yourself look like a rabid fanboy when you deny the obvious. Ryse game play doesn't appeal to me but it's graphic are next gen.

The Order is the first graphicly groundbreaking next gen console game. Infamous ss has far superior graphic , lighting and particle effects than sunset overdrive. Sunset overdrive is cartoony infamous ss graphics are realistic not cartoon slapstick . Sunset or quantum break don't come close to The Order 1886 graphicly.

starchild2503d ago

@PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt and pedrof93

I don't agree with either of you.

First of all, just because a game has nice graphics doesn't mean that it doesn't have good gameplay. The Order 1886 looks incredible, but the gameplay could turn out to be outstanding as well.

Second of all, Watch Dogs might not reinvent the wheel, but then again no game ever likely will. It is a great game with some fresh new gameplay mechnics. I've never played a game based around hacking, combined with stealth, combined with other open world mechanics. It's unique.

And, pedrof93, I don't know if you have been playing the last gen versions or what, but Watch Dogs most certainly is a fantastic looking game on the new consoles and PC. Easily one of the best looking games I have played since the start of the new generation.

Malphite2503d ago

How to waste your bubble:

1. Offend someone.
2. Judge the game, the article is about, based on three minutes of gameplay and some articles you didn't bother to read.
3. Compare the game to another game, that is completely unrelated to the first game and judge it as well.
4. Name a third recently released game that is unrelated to both previously named games and point out that despite it's critical acclaim, it's boring.
5. Throw in a tip how devs can make those games worth your precious time cause they clearly have no idea what they're doing.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7772502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

@PSN-JeRzyFyNeSt Your comment is laughable! can't believe that you put SO and
the order in the same thing, and WD is hell away from being a snooze fest. You must be sleepy when you put this ridiculous
comment up!

larrysdirtydrawss2502d ago

aren't they dif ppl? the ones responsible for graphics aren't the ones responsible for gameplay/level design, core mechanics....

sunset overdrive great graphics?? its not an eyesore at all,but its quite a bit away from the greatest open world console graphics ever,infamous

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0P-Tigrex2503d ago

How are you always first to comment?? is N4G your life?

Allsystemgamer2503d ago

Would you be surprised if he/she said yes?

hello122503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Does it really matter if that person comments first a lot? What that person does is their own business.

0P-Tigrex2503d ago

No. It's kinda pathetic. It means he combs through all of the new stories..all the time. It means he's on N4G alot.. meaning he's on the computer alot.. meaning he might not have a life. Idk. Idk the guy. Sasuke is a pussy anyways. Not the guy on here.. in the anime.

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Goku7812503d ago

We all know its its better than nice, but hope this exclusive is a great game.

snookiegamer2503d ago

“It’s Nice Being PS4 Exclusive”

So, this game won't be gimped then :)

xx4xx2502d ago

It's gonna have a ton of yeah, it'll be gimped.

memots2502d ago

wow the trolling is strong with this one.

jagstar442503d ago

Perfect blend of graphics and art design!

Dynasty20212502d ago

I thought only PC players cared about graphics?

Nine_Thousaaandd2503d ago

“Everyone is complaining about OpenGL and DirectX while I’m sitting here happily optimizing for #PS4.” Pettineo echoed the same sentiment: Same here. It’s nice being PS4 exclusive. : )

Nuf said...

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