Dragon Age: Inquisition: Meet the Lovely Sera

Hardcore Gamer: EA is teasing the heroes of Dragon Age Inquisition leading up to the game's big reveal at E3.

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Sam Fisher2504d ago

Shes cute, looks like an actress cant point my finger on this one

Godmars2902503d ago

Jennifer Lien, who played Kes on star Trek Voyager?

Kal8532503d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

Perjoss2503d ago

At first glance reminded me of King Robert Baratheon from GoT TV show :/

nope1112503d ago

Easy on the eyeliner, gurl. Makes you look trashy.

Gribbles2503d ago

Man, after seeing that Witcher 3 trailer, this game looks so damn mundane by comparison.

Blacklash932503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Unpopular Opinion Time: Hopefully they can design a decent UI and combat system this time. I've tried to like The Witcher series multiple times, but gameplay mechanics are too clunky and the overall experience just isn't very polished beyond the pretty visuals.

The series so far has really only excelled at story, choices, and prodcution values - which are excellent but not enough to carry a game for me. Like I said: I hope they create a more polished game this time.