Oblivion patch doesn't mend item duping

Those of us concerned that our item duping days are a thing of the past, thanks to Bethesda's Oblivion patch, need not worry. Even with the patch installed, you'll still be churning out grand soul gems faster than a gang of mage apprentices -- and you won't need no stinkin' code to do it. Here's the step-by-step from About.com (purists, avert your gazes):

USMChardcharger6582d ago

i don't know if the patch was suppose to address the frame rate problem...but it is not really an issue since i downloaded the patch...any one else seeing this.
as far as that...i haven't noticed any difference.

Lucidmantra6582d ago

WHat about the load times USMC? Any difference?

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PS3Lord6582d ago (Edited 6582d ago )

because of you sad peoples that report an intelligent peoples like me. We are just trying to have a peiceful conversation but all of you that can't or doesn't have fact to back up your claim. Seem to be angry and pissing off by my word and intellectual. I could understand why are all of you 360 fans are so jellous and mad at the fact that Sony (the Asian company) can produce better and more powerful than M$ (the American) company can. Just because your country can't produce a well stable gaming system, doesn't give you the right to be hateing others country products. Just because Sony is an Asian and not an American products, doesnt give you any right to bash or start hateing on them. You of all peoples should of known by now that hateing and discriminating against others country + there products is the thing of the past. I know that none of you will admite it as fact of being discriminating against Sony truely because of your believing of going the American way. To me, a products is a products and it doesn't matter of whom or anyone made it as long as it good and deliver it potential. If M$ could deliver a product that doesn't result in crashing or bugs all the time and I would have truth in them but with all of the products + solfware are bunch of glitch and bugs included. So to me a products is a products, I doesn't buy products base on races. Look at the internet reporter and all of the American website, why do you think they be bashing and making up BS story about Sony daily all the time? Simply because of M$ is an American Company and they want the world to LOVE american products so they try there best to ly and bash others country products simply because M$ can't do it with honesty so they have to rely on bashing and BSing news from American support. Just because you're an American doesn't mean your products is superior.

shotty6582d ago

You should actually give the 360 a try, it wasn't made only in America, I'm not even from america. It was made from engineers located worldwide. I own the a japanese and a american automobile, if it's good I buy it and the xbox 360 is good so I bought it, no regrets. If the wii is good I will buy it, I personally don't need a ps3 since all it's features in my opinion are offered by the xbox 360 so I have no need for the ps3, which in my opinion is price $200 to high

TheMART6582d ago

Well the intelligence doesn't speak of you knowledge of the English language for sure...

And also not if I watch all your posts where multiple are removed by a mod, or are reported as spam.

Grown Folks Talk6582d ago

you talk about lies and bs, but you support sony. i don't care where a product is made. most of the things we buy in america aren't made here. you can barely find an american made pencil in this country. i don't care for the product, plain and simple. if the ps3 was made in america just as it is, with the same games, i still would not buy it. especially for $600. quit talking sh*t to everybody and bashing everyones opinion, and MAYBE people will quit reporting you. i admire your attempt to respond to me in a somewhat civil manner. try it more often.

USMChardcharger6582d ago

he finally makes a comment that is free of reasons to delete. that dog gone KEN K. (shakes fist)

Retard6582d ago

American products... Never sought as superior but more reliable, generic, and sturdy.

And you're ideal grasp of what intelligence actually is completely off scale. If you truly believe you are smart because your console choice and rhetorical information... Then life just became more simple...

So as a Sony fan to another; You'd win all these conversations by listening.

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shotty6582d ago

ssj04 is really ken k. from Sony.

Shadow Flare6582d ago

yea but if that were true, he'd be dropping his 'r' and replacing it with 'w' lol

"Ah yeah, the xbox 360 is a weally cwappy piece of technologeee as it powered by wats and games awe weal cwappy too. me ssj got someting to say und bratwurst sie guten gimme a ps3 now

USMChardcharger6582d ago (Edited 6582d ago )

lol, that was funny flare

Cyclonus6582d ago

He'd be singing, "I'm so...ronery, so ronery" ^_^

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Red Dead Redemption 1 Isn't As Good As People Remember It To Be

RDR 1 was a great game, but the lack of screen time for some characters, boring horse riding, and lack of mission variety takes away the fun at times.

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jambola1d ago

It's as good as you remember
Feels like one of those "10 HARSH realities of Re-watching" articles

just_looken15h ago

I love how it seems a extreme few remember that red dead redemption is red dead revolver 2.

red dead revolver now that is rough red dead redemption for its time was groundbreaking and it still has way better cover system/dlc/mp content then red dead 2.

I remember all the bugs the game had day one like donkey lady so dam funny

Cacabunga8h ago

RDR1 is a legendary game!!!

Really how to cope with a slow news day…

just_looken6h ago


I know i said that

Oh boy let me guess no one here knows what red dead revolver is

Or you all never played version 1.0 of rdr 1 i bet its that so many on here have the stench of being in gaming for 10 years at most.

Cacabunga5h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Stop pretending being superior in knowledge to everyone else..

The article title is about RDR1 and the thumbnail also confirma that. No one (at least i dont) care about what you say about RDRev.

You are the only one who spoke off topic abt another game.
If it makes you glad that you are the only one who knows what RDRev is then congratulations.. just pathetic

“ red dead revolver now that is rough red dead redemption for its time was groundbreaking and it still has way better cover system/dlc/mp content then red dead 2.”

Oh and thanks for the laugh ..

shinoff218323h ago

Junk article. Game was dope and still is. The swimming part sucks though.

just_looken15h ago

It does but the game was made originally for ps2 back after san andreas so for the dev window and timeline it makes sense.

just_looken6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

red dead revolver was back in 2004

after this they were making gta iv and a squeal that became read dead redemption

But you all will hate this because facts are scary

"Red Dead [Redemption] has been in production for six years (mainly because of horrible management/lack of direction due to fear of disrespecting Rockstar NY) and it will never get the money back in sales it cost to create for those six years," claimed another source.

From a 2010 article hmm what is 2010 - 6 hmmm


The swimming in red dead one made sense for the time period and dev hell it was in

Again though it seems alot on here have 0 game knowledge before 2018.

-Foxtrot8h ago

I liked it a bit better because I didn’t think it had many “small nitpicky” things RDR2 had that on its own meant nothing but when a lot built up it was annoying. For example getting off your horse and you had to reselect your weapons again or walking around the camp slowly. None issues but built up with others sometimes it was a little frustrating at times.