NBA 2K15 Commercial Unveiled, Kevin Durant Stars Alongside NBA 2K’s Most Loyal Fans

Game Fanatics: Today on the PlayStation Blog,Ronnie Singh, AKA Ronnie2K, unveiled the first commercial spot for NBA 2K15. Having just announced Kevin Durant as the cover athlete of NBA 2K15, the franchise chose to place him in the spotlight, along with notable YouTubers who are avid fans of the games.

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Future_20151692d ago

The most epic sports game trailer ever?

Software_Lover1692d ago

........... no chris smoove?

Bonkerz1692d ago

Still using that darn Virtual currency stuff...

GoPanthers9991691d ago

Looks like the VC BS is here to stay. Yay for us.

Dannyh1691d ago

Hope they fixed the have to always be online to play career mode

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