More Theaters for PlayStation's E3 Conference

While the first batch of tickets for the PlayStation E3 conference experience in movie theaters have evaporated extremely quickly, Sony is trying to accommodate more gamers eager to check the broadcast out sitting in front of the silver screen with a bucket of pop corn on their lap

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Thatguy-3101629d ago

want more in LA! lol I'm on the waiting list but I don't want to risk going and not being let in

Septic1629d ago

At least you're on some list. Us lot in the UK are relegated to watching this at 2am on video streams that will no doubt buffer ever 0.0904 milliseconds p__p

ZodTheRipper1629d ago

At least it's at 2am in your timezone... in mine it's even 3am! :D
But I feel like it's gonna be worth it so I'm staying up to watch it.

zeusky1628d ago

sometime it seems more people who use this site are from the UK than the US. just an observation

darthv721629d ago

nothing closer to me than a sold out San Francisco location :(

Flutterby1629d ago

This theater thing feels to me like something MS would do( being the experts in hype, though it didn't help titanfall), I get the feeling Sony must have something big for them to do this.

kreate1629d ago

it probably did help titanfall. it wasn't as effective as one hoped.


Quite frankly, it's Titanfall not helping itself. It had enough marketing. It's also not about Xbox One install base alone, this game was also released on Xbox 360 and PC, but the sales on those two platforms are also not that great...

I mean, its sales are good, afterall it's on the multi million range, but not on the gauge either EA or MS expected (not a new big contender on the mainstream shooter competition, no "cod killer").

kreate1629d ago

so if I am able to go, wonder if I will end up seeing some n4g community there at the theatre.

can u guys write n4g on ur shirt so I can see u? put ur username if possible.

nominal2661629d ago

Ill be going! Im going to try to get in line for the LA one too. even though im wait-listed. =/

kreate1628d ago

the santa monica one? that is kind of far from me cuz im in orange county. but i still want to go!

its like 1hr 15m drive i think.

Sitdown1628d ago

I was on the wait list for Atlanta, but got upgraded to confirm. Not sure if others experienced this or if it was because I sent an email.

Blasphemy1628d ago

what did you say in the email

Sitdown1628d ago

"Great Evening,
My name is _________, and I am currently on the waiting list for the Atlanta theater (Regal Hollywood 24); can you work your magic and push me to having a spot in the room?!?! Pleeeeease?!?!?!"

Blasphemy1628d ago

im on the waiting list to but i also dont want to drive all the way across town just to see if i can get in. will miss half the conference if i do(can still watch on youtube but its not the same lol) cause i stay 30 minutes away from the theater they are showing it at.

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Godmars2901629d ago

May not need to be said, but Sony REALLY needs to deliver with this.

elazz1629d ago

And they will!

Good to see that Sony reacted on the amazing response from fans in US and also in Canada they added a few.

MysticStrummer1629d ago

I have to think this new format means they really have something they want people to see and talk about, so I'm very intrigued but also trying to keep my expectations low. If they really deliver it will be epic. If they fall a little flat, well it won't be the end of the world but it will be a fairly high profile semi-setback.

fonduktoe1629d ago

Momentum is everything at this stage of the game especially with most of consumers undecided

MasterCornholio1629d ago

You know what would happen if they dont?

Which is why I believe that they will. If Sony is renting out all these cinemas it has to be because they have something to show. Will be washing this life at 3 am here in Spain.

elazz1629d ago

Me too from Belgium, will be up at 03:00

snookiegamer1629d ago


I wouldn't worry...Sony is seasoned in this business. They're not about to hire Movie Theatres just to talk about PS4 firmware updates LOL :)

Sony/PS4 is gonna knock it out of the park!!!


Moe-Gunz1629d ago

I was on the waiting list here in NY, but to day got a confirmation ticket. I"M GOING BABY! lol

anarchyxrulz1629d ago

I'm on the waiting list as well. How did you get an actual ticket? Or are you talking about the email confirmation that says you are on the waiting list?

Plagasx1629d ago

Same here. I was on the waiting list since they started it and today I got the email ticket.. My life is complete :)

Moe-Gunz1629d ago

Same as @Plagasx

Was on the waiting list when it was first announced. Today I got a you have been change from waiting list to confirmed.

THC CELL1629d ago

UK.2 am is fine round me