Video Games to Shut Down Until 2015

"It was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped. After delays hit The Witcher 3, Dying Light, Batman: Arkham Knight, and The Order: 1886, the video game industry has decided to simply shut down for the remainder of 2014 and start up again next year." |

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Snookies122576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

As far as consoles go, there are quite a few I'm looking forward to in 2014... Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Tales of Xillia 2, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil, etc.

I expect we'll be seeing some more game announcements/release dates for 2014 at E3 regardless.

Neonridr2576d ago

new games? Or just HD remakes and/or expansions? :P

thekhurg2576d ago

Remakes don't bother me. Tomb Raider was incredible on the PS4, and I'm positive The Last of Us will be the same.

Then there is Destiny, Diablo 3, Dragon Age 3, Middle Earth, etc...

Plenty of awesome stuff hitting 2014.

Omnisonne2576d ago


Yes indeed, id like to add Far Cry 4 to that list aswell, and some other less hyped games perhaps.. 2015 will be better but, theres still something to look forward to coming months.

I understand the frustration of some people about the delays though

ZodTheRipper2576d ago

There are plenty games coming out this year but the sarcasm in this article is so refreshing that I don't even feel the need to argue about it :D

fenome2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Destiny, Driveclub, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Evolve, Evil Within, Far Cry 4, Shadow of Mordor. I'm sure there are others, that's just off the top of my head, this year isn't as dry as people seem to think it is.

UltimateMaster2575d ago

There's a ton of games getting released for october of this year.

Neonridr2575d ago

@UltimateMaster - yeah particularly October 7th.

There is tons of software this fall, I was only poking fun at the OP games listed.

Drithe2575d ago

Diablo 3 for you and me!!!!

Matt6662575d ago

Remakes bother me I never did like the new tomb raider, i prefer the Tomb Raider's on PS1, I rather have new games or sequels to games but that my opinion.

Randostar2575d ago


I cant wait for Shadows of Modor.

theDivision2575d ago

it is a relief to see that destiny will not be delayed until 2014. I was worried for a second.

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ovnipc2575d ago

I would buy a wiiu just for that game, loved that game on gamecube. Drink some beers and play that game with 3 friends its a blast. Plenty of games coming this year, destiny, dragon age, sunset overdrive, forza , drive clube, ufff too many my wife will kill me when she looks at the bank acct.

3-4-52575d ago

Yea even more so than Mario Kart, Smash Brothers = endless replay value.

It could end up being the biggest/best game of 2014, although I'm sure Destiny and a few others will be right up there.

Przem_20102576d ago

The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Lords of the Fallen, Get Even and Enemy Front. Polish developers are taking over the game industry ;)

Irishguy952575d ago

Aye the US better come up with a plan to invade Poland soon. Dat profit

joab7772575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Dont forget Battlefield, CoD and Assassins Creed lol.

In the article he listed Destiny and Dragon Age and said all were delayed except Alien:Isolation. Those games r not delayed.

To be honest, Destiny will take up alot of time. Would u want to go head to head with Bungie, Ubisoft 2x, Sledgehammer, and Bioware?

The real story is simple. Its install base...plain and simple. The games not being delayed r launching on both gens. The others r waiting for xmas and tax season to increase the consumer base.

hellzsupernova2575d ago

Thats the real issue. Nobody want's to take on the advertising behemoth that is going to be Destiny. Then Call Of Duty, Halo Collection, Battlefield etc it would be suicide for a game like The Witcher no matter how good it is.

avengers19782575d ago

Well if any game launches at the end of the year in 2015 there's a good chance they still have to take on COD, Battlefield, AC, and Halo 5

URNightmare2575d ago

Interestingly enough, he doesn't mention any of the Xbox One games delayed to 2015, Halo 5 and Quantum Break. Then goes to mention Kaz Hirai and Plastation in his sarcasm.

Bundi2575d ago

Halo 5 and Quantum Break were NEVER given 2014 release dates so how can they have been delayed to 2015?

GamerDad19872575d ago

I miss the good ole days of the PS2 when it seemed like a new game was coming out EVERY Tuesday. Now we've gotta wait years for a new game. :(

avengers19782575d ago

I plan on getting... Evolve, Evil Within, Destiny, Far Cry 4, plus I still need to pick up Wolfenstien, Planetside 2 should be coming, DeepDown also coming both F2P ... Then there's games like COD, Battlefield Hardline, AC unity, Driveclub( I probably won't pick up any of them but I know a lot of people will) plus you got your yearly sports games.

Of course for others with XB1, and Wii U there's games like sunset overdrive, Forza Horizons 2, SSB... so IMO there are still a lot of games coming out in 2014 to keep gamers happy, 2015 will just be a much bigger year, looking forward to Witcher 3, Dying Light, the order, uncharted, Batman Arkham knight, and I'm sure a bunch more.

Also let's not forget all the indie games coming out

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4logpc2576d ago

There are still plenty of games coming out in 2014.

Alien Isolation
Dragon Age 3
Assassins Creed Unity
MIddle Earth: Shadow of Mourdor
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition
Drive Club
Forza Horizon 2
Killer Instinct Season 2
Bayonetta 2
Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

Thats just SOME. If you think that isnt enough you are drunk.

LAWSON722576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Sunset Overdrive is 2014, though if it does not have a date by Gamescom I fear for a delay

There is also Tales of Xillia 2 and eventhough the games are old KH 2,5 got me excited. same goes for Halo 2 Anniversary if it happens and has remastered MP goodness

Oh and the awesome looking Evolve and how do you exclude Destiny? I think SOny has something being shown and I really hope it is a surprise 2014 release of the long lost Last Guardian, but that probably wont happen I just having a good feeling something is coming because Sony would be stupid to have no big AAA game for the holidays. I am sure same goes for Xbone I just have no clue what it could be.

The games you did not list really make that list insanely large at least across all platforms. All games for this year

andygee19872575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

NBA 2K15

There's still so many coming this year, will keep us all busy i'm sure :D

BellePelouse2575d ago

I don't know about Sniper Elite but all those game are copy and paste imo

Pillsbury12575d ago

Don't forget copy and paste battlefield DLC with cops.

TheCagyDies2576d ago

Well good, gives me time to clean up my backlog.

RuleNumber52576d ago

AWESOME article, hits the nail on the head. Still a ton of great games for 2014 though, but is nice to see someone have some fun with trends lately.

PsylentKiller2576d ago

Yeah, I think some people had the joke fly way over their head. But it's true, it feels like everything important is getting delayed. My guess to the delays is because the systems were rushed to market. But while I'm waiting for more XB1 and PS4 games, I'm finding these PC sales irresistible. The Ubisoft sale seems really good. I'm thinking about getting Far Cry 3 for $20 but I feel like the Steam Summer Sale is going to really awesome this year. So, I might wait to pick it up.

T2X2576d ago

I love that nobody seems to get the joke! HA! another example of satire in the wrong place. LOL!

RuleNumber52576d ago

Yeah a sense of humor, a lot of people lack apparently. Glad you got it.

wsoutlaw872575d ago

I dont think most here ever actually read anything but it was pretty funny.

SilentNegotiator2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I hear God is planning on delaying the second half of 2014 to spring 2015.