Id Software talks 360 Wolfenstein

In a world seemingly dominated by popular young upstarts, it's good to see that granddaddy of FPS genre, Castle Wolfenstein, is still keen to stake a claim in the genre it arguably created.

Id's Kevin Cloud said in an interview that the company and Raven (who has already collaborated on Quake 4) "are working together to take advantage of all the graphic capabilities that the Xbox 360 has to offer, and what we're doing with Wolfenstein is creating this one, large empire that is seamlessly loaded to the player as he explores his world."

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beans4444d ago

I have alot of faith Carmack and his team and can't wait to see some footage of Wolfenstein 360! 2oo7 is going to be a great year for gamers but in 2008 360 is going to drop some bombs out of nowhere just watch and see!

ryanjtravis4444d ago

Okay... Wolfenstein designed specifically for the 360... that sounds.... AWESOME!
I'll surely keep my eye on this one :)

THWIP4444d ago

...I can't wait for this.

Arkham4444d ago

RTCW is still one of my favourites. Can't wait to see a brand-new shiny version.

rj814444d ago

I'm sure the fathers of shooters want to one-up Gears...should be awesome.

Capt CHAOS4444d ago

For some reason, I got bored of Wolfenstien on the xbox when I played it and DOOM3 also didn't do too much for me, might have been because the online sucked (not enough players etc..). We'll see what they can turn on Wolfenstien 360. We'll see..

I long for ID to get back to where they belong but they are getting some serious competion from the Unreal engine.

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