Watch Dogs: Modder's Graphics Settings Close To E3 2012 Build? Comparison Screens Out

Now here some comparison screenshots "Higher than Ultra XML". These comparison screens are pretty interesting one as it test Modder's graphics settings in all possible scenario such as Same Scene in Different Time, Same Scene Same Time Setting and lot more.

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bienio1650d ago

I need my new card to even start think about watch Dogs looks like that😉

Malphite1650d ago

As long as it's unstable I won't bother with it. I just finished the game anyway. I'll look it up in a couple of months when there is a better optimized version.

xKugo1650d ago

Definitely looks better, I can tell you that much. Now, if we could get a texture pack and an upgrade in facial animations, character(Aiden) poly counts and better AF on buildings and cars then we could have something here. Don't forget to completely overhaul the physics engine and bring back the volumetric fog, high-quality shaders on cars, explosions and also up the pathetic draw distance(this is on ALL platforms). Do all that and then I might forget how horrifically downgraded this title was and the nightmare that is Aiden's facial model.

gedden71650d ago

Though I do agree companies need to be held accountable for the their actions and false. It's just some textures and lighting. Animations and Framerate are more important graphical elements to me...

OlekKing1650d ago

I'm more pissed off about Aiden Pearce's facial change, it's literally a different person.
Compare what he looked like in the 2012 demo to the retail version of the game...
Not only did they change his face but the poly count is lower and animation quality is crappy compared to the demo.