USB cable not included with retail SIXAXIS

In a surprising move, Sony has opted not to include a USB cable with their retail SIXAXIS controllers. A USB cable is required to charge the controller's integrated battery, otherwise, the controller is rendered useless.

The retail PlayStation 3 contains a USB cable in the package, so at least consumers will have one included cable to charge controllers. However, if consumers wish to charge multiple controllers, after market cables appear to be the only solution.

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Marty83704447d ago

What is the point of include stuff that the majority of gamers already have.It's a standard USB cable for gods sake.

Antan4447d ago

majority of pc owner maybe? seems a bit silly to me!

big_tim4447d ago

have this cable. It's not the end of the world. The 360 didn't included a battery or cable. So, what's the difference. You do have one with the system. If you want more go spend a couple and I emphasize a couple bucks on another one.

joemutt4447d ago

You said the xbox didnt come with one so whats the difference? The difference is $200.

big_tim4447d ago

Your argument is not valid. I know the price difference. Compare apples to apples. The difference is $100. But that is not the argument. The argument is with an accessory. The comparison should be PS3 controller= $50 + cable and the 360 = $50+20 for charge and play kit. I know, I bought the charge kit with another batter for my controllers when I got the 360. Like I said, there isn't a difference when you are talking about the accessory. Get it straight.

shotty4447d ago

Dont talk if you dont know whats happening. First of all the xbox 360 doesn't need one since the battery is external. Second, the controllers came with 2 AA batteries (energizer)so atleast you can use the controllers out of the box.
These are also not the type of cables you would lying around the house unless you own a psp or a certain digital camera (sony). I have a Kodak digital camera and it uses a different type of plug.

Sony how about you take away the ethernet cable and include the USB cable and maybe even some component cables to enjoy the HD. God, Its like buying new car with no tires (usb wire) and and a casetter player (standard A/V a cables)

big_tim4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Your comment is shotty.
Let me break it down for you.

1.) When I referred to digital cameras, I have used and own various brands, all of which have a usb connection via a usb mini cord. So yes, they are lying around the house.

2.) when you buy the PS3 it comes with a USB cable. You need not comment on what you don't understand. "it's like buying a car to see that tires are on it already"

3.) The extra PS3 controllers doesn't need another cable. You already have one. The comparison with the 360 controller is valid. When you buy a 360 controller you will need extra batteries when the batteries die that come with it. The PS3 controller has a rechargeable battery that you can recharge with your current USB cord.

You could make the argument that you have batteries lying around the house. Well good for you. Money was spent on those.

4.) To compare apples to apples and to be on the same playing field (not literally) with the 360 you need to buy a $20 kit and the PS3 you need an EXTRA usb cable.

5.) Another argument you could come up with is multiple usb cables. I have 3 360 controllers, 3 rechargeable battery packs and one recharge cable. It works just fine for me that way. When I get a PS3 and however many controllers, one cord will be fine. You may argue that you need more. Then go for it. You have the choice.

6.) The standard av cable is crappy. I agree, they should have followed MS with the combo cable. But then again, if you already have a PS2 with the component cables, your fine. But, the USB cable is taken care of.

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Balance4447d ago

i read the other day (so i don't know how true) but the cable with the ps3 for the sixaxis was a rather short usb cable, if true that would suck when you are playing/charging at the same time. at least it is standard USB so you can go down to best buy and pick up a longer one for cheap.

scriptkiddie4447d ago

Did Sony add the cost of this to their graph.. I guess they forgot.

Boink4447d ago

new definition of cheap.

Grown Folks Talk4447d ago

when they can just sell them separately? i've already seen sony's usb cable at target. it's a business move. they make more profit off of them individually, rather than putting them with the controller. no different than the play and charge for the 360 other than being able to change the 360's actual battery.

Funky Town_TX4447d ago

I have a battery charger with energizer batteries for $10. It came with 4 batteries. Why be limited to a 6 foot cord. Try playing on a 50 plus inch screen at 6 feet away.

Grown Folks Talk4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

it's no different than ms charging you to buy the play and charge kit instead of putting it with the controller. however, on the 360 controller, you can just replace the individual batteries instead of charging. and spawn is right, it's mini usb, not standard. i guess psp owners will be happy. p.s. if you wouldn't mind buying me a 50" tv to test your theory, it would be greatly appreciated.

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