EA SPORTS Releases First Madden NFL 15 Screenshot

GoodGameBro writes, "With E3 being a few days away, EA SPORTS will likely unleash a plethora of Madden NFL 15 footage for fans. While we still have another week until E3 takes place, EA SPORTS has released the very first Madden NFL 15 screenshot today."

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Bonkerz2568d ago

Those tattoos, GOTY confirmed?

mikeslemonade2568d ago

Can't they make a better sim by not making everyone look so buff. Kap is lanky.

b163o12568d ago


Ipunchbabiesforfun2568d ago

Kaep is LANKY!? Hahaha have you EVER looked at him? He's jacked bro.

PurpHerbison2567d ago

He might look lanky compared to the other beasts on the field but he isn't lanky at all.

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TheBigShamona2568d ago

I play a ton of madden and this screen has me very Excited for the presentation upgrade, & Kaep is a buff dude? Although what we really need is true total player control and all the magnet bullshit removed.

Scholla2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I agree with mikeslemonade He actually IS lanky "cut up" but still lanky I think it's his legs actually that are skinny and give him his real-life lanky look probably along with his heightened shoulder pads.

On a side note I see they still haven't updated the NFL gloves SMH.

Thomaticus2568d ago

Tattoos are nice but what about the football?.

ILLINOIS2568d ago

I will wait to see in game graphics.

Crazywhitie2568d ago

just look at last years.. it'll be the same but alittle sharper..

CerebralAssassin2568d ago

Thats what everyone says about sequels to everything.

Lou Ferrigno2568d ago

you don't have to look that close to determine those are definitely in-game graphics..
and if by chance they are rendered, that is the ugliest rendering i've ever seen..
For this gen of consoles , that looks bad imo.
his arms look choppy, the tattoos look messy (less messy IRL) and overall looks like last year's iteration..

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CloudyAero2568d ago

Well shit, this might be the year I buy Madden again.
Hopefully FIFA follows.

modesign2568d ago

lol this looks like ps3/xb360 version

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90Supra2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Your niners just overpaid a poor mans Michael Vick...

marlinfan102568d ago

kaepernicks already taken his team farther than vick did in his career.

azure19902568d ago

You're confused with Joe Flaco's 120.6 million dollar contract. With guarantee 52 million

jmc88882568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Vick never had a defense anywhere near what the Niners defense has been these past couple of years. We'll see how that holds up through 2020. Your secondary and Smith/Bowman issues might alter that.

He can run really well and many times that can make a difference, but he's also a one read QB. I've never seen a 1 read QB get a NINE figure contract. A guy who averaged only 172.9 Passing yards per game in 2012 and 2013 (or basically almost all of his career). The sub 60 percent completion percentage is also pretty horrible.

He's got a strong arm, and has playmaking ability, but he's not a true passing QB. The NFL is a passing league, and becoming even more so. That's why RB's don't command big money much anymore and are rarely drafted before the 3rd round.

With a defense and his running ability you can get away with a QB throwing 172.9 yards a game, but if that defense drops to #15-20, things could head south quickly. Especially in the NFC West division where any of the four teams have enough talent to make the playoffs. Plus a running QB usually doesn't last as long as a more traditional QB. Any given Sunday and any given hit, and they take more. Again, also facing three tough defenses twice a year just in the division.

As for Madden '15, it's a carefully selected screen shot. It appears there's better lighting and more detailed skin/faces, but it still seems far below where it should be. Will wait to see more pictures and some video as well as listen for any changes in the game formula.

The rumors said they were changing the look and feel of certain situations like maybe after the catch or when the rb gets past the line/into the open field, but maybe I interpreted the info wrong.

Hopefully they make the physics better. A 400lb guy shouldn't be flattened like a 130 lb guy by anyone, let alone CB's or basically everyone, like every time. Hell a 250lb guy shouldn't get flattened like that.

They have a lot of work to do, hopefully they accomplished it, or get somewhere close.

JetsFool35002567d ago

Not really they structured the contract to be able to release him after every year without owing him any money its actually a win win contract

OwnageDC6502567d ago

They only gave him $13 mil in guaranteed money. How did they overpay?

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BX812568d ago

Yeah fresh off a superbowl loss... I kid. I can joke oakland hasn't done crap since their superbowl appearance. Sigh....
I think I'm getting this years madden day 1

BlakHavoc2568d ago

They didn't make the super bowl.

GW2122568d ago

@ Blak

Possible you weren't alive for that though so you get a pass if that's the case.

solid_snake36562568d ago

Yea fresh off a butt whoopin from the seahawks

k3rn3ll2568d ago

A whooping? You must not have watched game. Came down to last play

mll092568d ago

You're confusing the Niners with the Broncos.

TOTSUKO2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Offense style should be taken into consideration. 49ers and the Seahawks are the only teams in the league that runs the ball 60-70 percent of the time. What makes Russel and Kaepernick so good? Using their legs, 3rd down conversions and play action.

Tough and physical teams are starting to be a trend now because most teams are built to stop the pass but are too weak to face the ground and pound.

Kaepernick is the prototypical QB for that niners offense. Size and speed for a running offense and arm power for the Play Action. Its all about style.

1 Read QB was a bullshit argument made by Trent Dilfer. Im not a fan of Niners just a fan of football. If you watch Niners offense, 80% of the passing formations they used were only 2 receiver sets. 2!!! If you watch tape, you will also notice most of their passing plays are designed for Kap to either read one receiver or run. He still managed to get the 5th best QB rating last year!

As far as Kaps contract, he sure does deserve to be paid more than Romo and Cutler. Still higher than I thought but the potential is high for the kid.

If this is a passing league then tell me why a run first team (Seahawks) just won the Superbowl. The game is evolving.

jmc88882568d ago

1 read QB was not BS. It's what he does. I follow them closely because they are in my division. I have much respect for ALL the teams in my division, but it is what it is, and that is what it is.

You know why they are designed like that? Because he has that limitation. Harbaugh has said himself they had to change his offense to tailor it to him after having Alex Smith, who by the way, since 2011 or so has a better record as starter then Kaep.

You are saying that this limitation is their preferred offense?

Chicken and the Egg. No NFL team wants to run a passing play with only 1 read. None. Why artificially limit yourself on any play? But for an entire offense. I don't think so.

Every passing play has 1 specific target that is the main route of the play. It's just the good QB's can look at that guy, go two 1-2 other ones, and still maybe have a chance to look back at the initial #1 guy.

QB Rating is a pseudo measurement, it's not a straight comparison. 70 by one isn't the same as 70 by another. In other words it is a very faulty metric. It's a derivative metric, and with such degrees of separation, errors are introduced.

It is a passing league. It's been trending that way since Al Davis started the AFL to compete with the NFL. Hell actually Johnny Unitas helped set the stage. It then really took off around Don Coryell with the Cardinals and Chargers in the 70's and early 80's. It shifted to another stage around the turn of the century when teams starting going running back by committee and away from a one workhorse running back. When we had 'Greatest show on turf' with Warner/Bruce/Faulk.


The past half decade or so, it's gotten to the point where running backs aren't being taken in the first two rounds almost ever. 10-15 years ago you'd have 3-4 RB's taken in the 1st round, at least. You had RB's left and right being franchise tagged, and signed to big money. Teams were convinced they wanted to have two #1 running backs.

You make a big mistake by stating a run first team won the Superbowl and applying it to your argument. It just so happen that a team that ran more won the superbowl.

jmc88882568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

If RB's are so important, then why are they never drafted high now, rarely extended, and often cut if they are? If they are important, 32 teams would showcase that through their actions. Their actions prove the opposite.

Most think it's more about the Seahawks defense, legion of boom, etc. Which allows the offense to not need to score as many points and can sit on leads by running out the clock. Some of these things feed off each other, but it's quite wrong to say the NFL isn't a passing league because the one that won the superbowl wasn't one.

Remember right around the time we got 'Greatest Show on Turf', we also got Ray Lewis/Trent Dilfer winning a Superbowl with one of the greatest defenses of all time.

Wilson IS a complete QB. He can make reads.

The Seahawks are but one team, the Superbowl victory is irrespective of that.

Is the game evolving in the way you think it is though?

I've been around watching football long enough that the mobile QB theory isn't new to me. I've seen it come and go. I've seen times with stellar defenses come and go. As a football watcher since the mid 80's I've seen these things.

Wilson tries not to run, Kaep can't throw. Vick isn't starting, and if he was, he'd be out by week 12, RGIII already has blown out a knee.

The best young QB stat wise is Foles, at least last year, and he is a normal pocket passer, with some mobility. Of course don't forget Luck. Plus a ton of veterans still throwing 4000-5000 yards.

I don't see defenses any different then before. Sometimes 4-3 is the rage, sometimes Tampa 2, sometimes 46, and right now we're back with the 3-4 seemingly becoming more prevalent, and those at the top are utilizing it.

The 49ers offense is not revolutionary. It's devolutionary. It's a throwback to the past. It's reminds me very much of a time where Harbaugh was a QB for the Bears. They definitely are taking a page out of that.

Because there was a time where teams were weary of throwing the ball and had such constraints on their passing offense. This isn't new in any way.

When you have QB's passing 5000+ yards, 50+ Td's, and 70%+ completion percentage, those are the evolution.

I really wonder what you mean by 'evolving'. Meanwhile on the other end you have Chip Kelly trying to 'evolve' the NFL into college football. If it somehow occurred, it wouldn't be evolution.

But the biggest mistake is the thinking that everyone now will try to have a good defense. It just doesn't happen. The NFL we get is based on the talent that is available. You can't simply will great defenses, they actually need to have the players to do it.

The NFL is a passing league, and has been trending that way since Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were in Mayberry.

TOTSUKO2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )


Good arguments. I hate to argue this on a gaming site but I am a fanboy for both I can't help myself :D

You say the offense is like that because of his limitation? That offensive line was built before Kaepernick became a 49er. They're built around Frank Gore to run the ball and burn clock behind their defense.

I do not recall harbaugh saying he had to change offense for Kaepernick. Harbaugh is the most secretive coach in football. lol

He did say he will use more 3 receiver sets this year.

I was clearly not joking about using only 2 receiver sets. Niners are a running first old school team, they power run alot and use extra linemen or tight ends.
You have to give them credit. Look at the turnaround and where they got to.

It's not a limitation, it is a style. Just like defense uses 4-3 or 3-4 sets. which one is better? there isn't. 3-4 is mostly used today but Seahawks is a 4-3

Bill walsh created the west coast offense for efficient and high percent completions. His philosophy was to have the pass as reliable as handing the ball off to the running back. Its pass first to set up the running game. Look how many Super Bowls they won. Look how many teams followed that philosphy today (Only now, teams incorporated it with the spread offense)

The QBR was based off that principle of passing efficiency (Completion%, Yards Attempt, TD-INT ratio Etc.) I agree it is not a good measurement to compare how good Qbs. It just shows how efficient a Qb is at passing.

Kaepernick was efficient when he needed to be. Like 3rd downs or scoring position. The Qbr doesnt measure that but he was efficient at his job.

You are really saying Russel makes good reads? He uses his legs to buy time just to throw to a straggling receiver. Thats what he does thats what hes known for. Efficient passer?Makes passes when most needed? Absolutely.

I never said running teams was evolving the game to be running game.
I mean't that passing teams aren't the only thing to win a superbowl. Alot of people said Seahawks or Niners cant win Superbowl. The game is evolving to have different offensive styles. Which is better because why would people want every team to do the same and predictable thing?

Im glad you brought up the RB draft argument. Packers is the perfect example. All passing team. "revolutionary" passing. What were they missing? RB. who did they draft in their second round last year? Eddie Lacy.

People are so caught up in the passing quarterback that teams are so fixated on them. There nice to watch but it is the one of the most team oriented sports. There has to be a balance. and other positions don't get enough credit.

larrysdirtydrawss2567d ago

great defenses are still the most important,but even then,they won the superbowl by throwing on the broncos more so than running.

k3rn3ll2566d ago

So they designed the offense before they drafted kap and only had smith? With the planning they would draft kap? More so they got a coach outta college who ran that same system? Come on man

TOTSUKO2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

They did not have the same system before kap or harbaugh joined. lol

They were a running team before yes. Harbaugh is a run first coach but that doesn't mean he used the same system as before?

He installed alittle West coast offense himself and brought Greg Roman from Stanford to install the Power Run Scheme and eventually the pistol when Kaepernick was drafted.

Kap is just another weapon to their run game. Its like a chess match, Only in football its a numbers game. That running Qb is either lost or he is spied on but leaves another hole needed to be filled. This only thrives on great play calling and game planning. But teams did their research and slowed down their run schemes but Harbaugh is too stubborn to open up passing lanes.

Their play calling is a little weird because supposedly Harbaugh calls the passing plays(Especially in time management situations you see him read the play card himself to Kaepernick on the radio) and Roman calls the most of the run plays and they all pitch each other the play for approval.

Pretty unorthodox but Niners are one of the best play callers in the league, the only problem is they don't care about mismatches or positional matchups when game planning.

EDIT: I also want to add about their run schemes and why Harbaugh likes the run first philosophy.

Teams get so worried about Niners Run scheme that defenses stack the box( Basically bring an extra linebacker or safety in the running lanes). They try so hard to stop the run but what about the play action pass? Thats easy to solve right? Just have the extra linebacker or safety bail out to coverage. Theres 2 problems with that. 1) The defender has a higher chance of getting beat in coverage because it has two things to worry about Run/Pass. 2) Kaepernick is a running quarterback, who is going to contain him?

This is the reason why Niners go far every year since Harbaugh became head coach. The only thing defense do now is play defense in their Base Package ( Match up toe to toe) and expect 3 dimensions

(Run,pass/Playaction, and Qb run)

Defenses last year took out the "Qb run" by sending a linebacker to hit the qb every play or scheme out different looks on defense. It slowed them down but Niners still managed to almost make it to the superbowl again.

Sorry for my long lectures. I have uncles who are college scouts and we would talk about this for hours. I really want people to see the unnoticed beauty in the running schemes in football and Respect every aspect of football, wether its passing, running, defense, and offense.

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