Are Your PlayStation Console Downloads Slower Than Molasses? Here's A Method To Speed Things Up

Are your PS4, PS3, and PS Vita downloads ridiculously slow? We found a method online that has our PlayStation 4's downloading at the speed of light once again!

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matrixman922508d ago

yes. Our internet is 50 mb/s, ps4 gets roughly 20 mb/s only for some reason. Watch dogs took somewhere around 24 hours to download

Yaay4me2508d ago

Really? Hmmmm interesting. Mine took less than a minute for me to start the game. And then it was completed after 5 minutes of playing the game.

UltraNova2508d ago

Does the OpenDNS code work internationally?

UltimateMaster2508d ago

Too.. many.. PS4... Servers.. too.. crowded!

It hasn't happen to me, but hell, if this works then good for you.

liquidhalos2507d ago

This worked for me, my download speeds are brilliant now. Sweet and thanks

elmaton982507d ago

While this method did work and I got a little boost on download speed, it actually made online play a little laggy. That's my experience but I do have a high internet conection so this method is not for me.

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1nsomniac2508d ago ShowReplies(8)
slivery2508d ago

You people are making no sense.

If you are getting a solid 20 mb/s, there is no way in hell it took you that long to download Watchdogs. So there is a an underlying problem.

Seriously if you do the math on that it would only take you about 3 hours to download Watchdogs with 20 mb/s.

liquidhalos2508d ago

I'm the same, I have a 40mb line, the ps4 speed test/estimate says I have 24mb yet to download pixeljunk last night which is less than 500mb I had to wait 2 hours. Yet downloads on phone and pc use full speed. I'm glad to see an article like this as I was starting to think my ps4 was on the fritz. Odd thing is, if I'm in standby downloads finish in a snap, the war thunder update yesterday which was a few gig was done in in no time at all. So what I do now is setup all downloads and put the ps4 into stably mode. It's not ideal but it works for now.

matrixman922508d ago

the problem isnt with my connection, it is something wrong with my ps4 or DNS(what this article is about). It shows that 20 mb,then disregards it and downloads stuff extremely slow. We can do the math, its not our fault something is wrong with the download speeds

Crazyglues2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Listen I was having this problem too, and I found it strange since my normal speeds are 83mbps down and 35mbps up...

So nothing is slow for me, and I mean nothing. -But for whatever reason PS4 was downloading everything slow as hell.. warthunder/pixeljunk all were coming in slow...

So I did this, just the DNS switched to Google’s DNS and

now everything is flying- everything feels fast, even things loading in the menu, like recent PlayStation activity - the first icon - loads blazing fast compared to how it was loading before..

My BF4 feels like a new game, but that could have something to do with the new netcode update / so I can't really say but I'm happy because when I first played it was ok, then later I did this.. and now it's amazing, I think this was my real problem all this time.

I just downloaded the COD Ghost update this morning and wow, it started saying 24 minutes, and then as soon as it started it was flying in and dropped to 16 mins and then 11 mins for a 2499mb file... ( That's my true speeds )

I was not getting that before, I am now.. So if this works for you enjoy, if it does not / go back to how you was.. -BUT DON'T KNOCK IT, BECAUSE IT DOES WORK/ and don't knock Matrixman92 for explaining what their experience is, that's how it was working for me and now it's much faster/-

It's just a solution for people who were having problems. (where you have a really fast connection but you are not getting really fast speeds) -may not work for all but it worked for me and I'm ecstatic..

||.........___||............ ||

Knushwood Butt2508d ago

My PS3 has been giving me DNS errors for close to a week now.

I thought it was my crappy ISP, but maybe not??

andibandit2508d ago

Sound to me like you PS4 is downloading game behind your back, perhaps Megatons for E3?

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HaveAsandwich2508d ago

same here. mine is 40mb, and wireless ps4 gets about 15.

T22508d ago

Who would,ever hook a console through wifi? These are the people causing my online games to lag

HaveAsandwich2507d ago

15mb isn't lagging anyone, yah fargin moron.

liquidhalos2507d ago

I use wireless and have a ping of roughly 10ms on a 40mb line. I'm not lagging you either. Sheez, grumpy.

T22507d ago

It was a joke jeez calm down ppl. However I don't recommend using wifi ever.

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psyxon2508d ago

24 hrs to download on a 20mb speed? uh huh...

matrixman922508d ago Show
liquidhalos2508d ago

Clearly there are discrepancies between ps4 speed estimate and actual download speeds. Don't be a Douche your whole life bud. Some actual real whole people out there are having issues.

incredibleMULK2508d ago

Buy disc or smash ps4 into a thousand pieces... the choice is yours.

wsoutlaw872508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I have issues with my internet downloading games much slow then my mb/s would suggest. It seems like almost everyone else that ive seen, and the author of this, have uverse. I tried changing my dns settings and it actually helped. it was saying 15 hours for a demo then changed to 8. Still very slow but it helped, but it doesnt make sense. I think it has more to do with that terrible 2wire router they use and have seen people post ways to configure it to work better, so I will try that.

wsoutlaw872508d ago

i set the firewall to dmzplus and then reset the ps4 and it finished in 30 minutes. Maybe i was having a firewall issue or maybe the ps4 just needed to be reset.

SilentNegotiator2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

20mb times 60 seconds = 1200mb/minute
1200mb times 60 minutes = 72,000mb/hour
72,000mb times 24 hours = 1,728,000mb in 24 hours

Wow...I didn't know Watch Dogs is approximately 1687.4GB.
1.65TB seems a bit big for a single game.

matrixman922508d ago

you are completely ignoring the situation. It shows a download speed that is pretty good, but still downloads stuff extremely slow. Someone else right above even mentioned it as well

Wh15ky2508d ago

Aren't download speeds measured in megabits per second? Not megabytes.

360ICE2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


A comma would have helped.

"gets 20mbps only, for some reason" I take it, is what you meant to write. As it stands now, SilentNegotiator's response makes sense.

Also, your problem doesn't make sense anyway. I mean, of course PSN's servers is not gonna be the same as your PS4's downspeed, right? PSN has its limits too.



Wh15ky2507d ago

Maybe different where you are but here in the UK download speeds are measured in Mbps (megabits per second) and memory is measured in MB (megabytes).

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kupomogli2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The 20 mb/s thing is correct, but I call bs. I don't own a PS4, but I recently downloaded a 12GB PS3 game from PSN and it took less than two hours.

Everyone also uses wireless connections. Hook up your consoles wired. It'll speed up the speed of your downloads, but more importantly, it'll give people who are playing against you online a better experience because your slow internet keeps lagging the game(depending on the game,) or makes you teleport everywhere.

matrixman922508d ago

sorry, im not going to run a 30 ft ethernet cable through my house to the modem

seanpitt232508d ago

Yeah I tested my connection getting 55mbs and it took me over a 40 minutes to download pixeljunk yesterday so something is not right.

Budobear2508d ago

Wow, living in a rural area I always guessed my internets wouldn't be great.....but I guessed wrong.
It took about 2 minutes for pixeljunk to download for me yesterday. Living a literal stones throw from the exchange makes a difference obviously.
I feel your pain if you have to wait that long though.

seanpitt232508d ago

Yeah normally I can download a 20GB game in under 15 minutes so it's something on Sony end.

rdgneoz32507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Took more than 2 min for me to download Pixeljunk yesterday (probably about 10), though I also was downloading War Thunder and Trine at the same time. Went for dinner and watched a show after (1 hour about) and everything was all downloaded, installed, and patched by the time I returned.

SnakeCQC2508d ago

On my 6 meg connection i can generally download 30gb overnight(7-8 hours). There's something up with your isp; maybe they're throttling your downloads.

solidmasta2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Dude I have 25mbps and it took 25 min. If you are on wi fi maybe that is the problem if not call your internet provider lol

360ICE2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Ignore this... Someone else posted what I wrote before me.

steve30x2507d ago

My internet is 120MB/s and Ive never seen anything download faster than 15MB/s. Ive even tested the download speed and it is 120MB/s.

MarcoGT2507d ago

120 megabits is about 15.7 megabytes. 8 megabits to a megabyte, so your speed is fine
My ps4 only gets 35 dl 5.5 upload which is 4.5 megabytes a second which it shows on the stuff i download but i have VM 120 meg

360ICE2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


MB = megabyte
mb = megabit

deafdani2507d ago

Watch Dogs is around 20 GB, right?

If that's the case, then your download was WAY too slow, even at 20 mb/s.

To give you a frame of reference, I have a paltry 4 mb/s connection (and I'm lucky if I even hit that, it usually is around 3 mb/s, actually), and yet it took me around 10 hours to download Kingdoms of Amalur and a couple of DLCs on my PS3 last night, which in total weighed around 17-18 GB.

See the BIG disparity here? Something is seriously wrong here. Either the PS4 is really that awfully bad at downloading stuff, or your internet speed is even lower than you think. I suggest you look into it, see if you're really getting your money's worth with your ISP or something. :/

Deadpoolio2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

You definitely are not getting 50mb speeds then, even my ex who only had 30mb could download 20gb in about an hour....I would also bet money that you are also using the wireless LMAO connection which just makes it worse anyway....

Protip: with routers....ANY wired connections get ALL the bandwidth they require before anything is sent out to wireless signals.....

CertifiedGamer2507d ago

Marixman92 doesn't know that people can just see his past post, and by doing it the conclusion is that he is an Xbox troll.

OmegaShen2507d ago

I call bd on 24hrs, 24mins yes. When I download it, it took 25mins to fully download/install.

An I'm running 20mps with it being wire.

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mrpsychoticstalker2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

My friends are very upset

GarrusVakarian2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

No they aren't. You're not fooling anyone.

So sad, coming into PS articles to tell lies. How insecure.

MRMagoo1232508d ago ShowReplies(3)
XiSasukeUchiha2508d ago

Pathetic, just pathetic, just grabbing some straws I see.

DragoonsScaleLegends2508d ago

I have 20mbps and it downloads at 20mbps.

TheDude792508d ago

Good to hear. Seems to be isolated cases, but when searching on Twitter, there do appear to be quite a few people having issues.

KingKelloggTheWH2508d ago

I like how people disagreed with this, it's sad how desperate trolls are now days.

Seriously though, many people get their max speeds, it's up to your internet provider/location.

For example, my previous provider gave me ok speeds on xbox and great on PS, then my next one gave me the opposite.It's just how it is unless you fix it.

dantesparda2508d ago

I have 10mbps and i get 10.

Imalwaysright2508d ago

I have 20mbps as well and usually it takes more time to install a game than downloading it.

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Rimeskeem2508d ago

No it takes me like 20 seconds to

sloth33952508d ago

my PC gets speeds around 110mbs wired but wired my PS4 is only getting around 38mbs

bloop2508d ago

My laptop gets 205mb wired and my PS4 says it's only getting around 40mb wired too. I think the "estimate" it shows is way off though. Watch dogs took under a half an hour to download for me so I presume the PS4 is getting faster speeds than it says it is.

sloth33952508d ago

yeah it downloaded fast for me also just the speeds show as slow for some reason