Who'll win the high-definition home-video format war?

When the fighting has ended, when one demoralized side has laid down its weapons and accepted defeat, when the dust has cleared - one day, when your grandchild asks, "Dearest elder, whose side did you take in the great format war of 2006?" - will you have backed HD DVD or Blu-ray? Before you take sides, wait.

Actually wait out the great format war of 2007, too. Which will, more or less, be a continuation of the great format war of 2006.

You're nuts if you take a side.

Now, anyway.

What's that? Hadn't heard?

If you enter a big-box electronics store this holiday season, you will find yourself with a bit of deja vu, particularly if you lived through the great VHS-Betamax war of the 1980s. Two new home-video formats are vying for your attention: HD DVD and Blu-ray. Both offer primarily the same thing - high-definition DVDs, promising six times the resolution (and three times the sound quality) of a conventional DVD.

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Marty83704448d ago

Once PS3 launches Blu-ray will take over the world.

BadTaste4448d ago

Now... back to reality... :/

Scrumptious4448d ago

Overpriced and overhyped, as is any Sony product these days. Why have the competitors product when I can pay double the price for a Sony product that performs the same.

Ravenator5294448d ago

Digital downloads will be the future! Disk formats will be for collectors and enthusiasts!