Mortal Kombat Pre Order

GameStop is now taking Pre Orders for Mortal Combat X with a free gift.

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Christopher1692d ago

I'm floored. Really? GameStop is taking pre-orders on a game?

Nothing against Chris, just... no-brainer news :P

oODEADPOOLOo1692d ago

Gamestop is lately been giving out alot of posters as pre order bonus. Happened to me when I pre ordered Arkham Knight, they already gave me the poster though and now that game is delayed... That Walmart bonus with free prototype batmobile is looking really good right now, I'll prob cancel order from them this weekend.

Tedakin1692d ago

Why would anyone pre-order a game that's nearly a year away. I'm guessing its launch is April 2015. Injustice and MK9 were both April.

LeShin1692d ago

Exactly! Also pre-ordering a game you haven't seen any gameplay of is bloody retarded!

Tedakin1692d ago

I mean I love MK. I know I'll buy this no matter what.... But this soon? You can pre-order it the day before and get the exact same thing.