Media Create software sales (5/26 - 6/1) - Mario Kart 8 debut sales

Media Create published the latest Japanese games sales, including first week sales for Mario Kart 8.

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Geobros2511d ago

I think best sales for a Wii U game till today in Japan...

DarthZoolu2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

They will sell plenty copies of MK8. I work at gamestop and Wii U customers are always looking for new games. I have sold alot of MK8 but no consoles. I try but when people see the small wall space for Wii U thats been out almost 2 years they say the same thing every time I try to sell one. Not enough games or I don't want to play those games. We have a Mario Kart 8 2player kiosk and only Nintendo fans play it most kids don't care. When I try to get them to play it instead of messing up my walls the say no thank you. I like MK8 picked it up day one. But it's not as good people act like it is. It doesn't wow me. They need alot more than a Kart game to save Wii U. Adult zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox might be able so save it, along with 3rd party titles.

MeLoveRamen2511d ago

Darth, sorry to tell you but you are the minority that thinks mario kart 8 isn't great, also you act like mario kart 8 is the only game the wii u has do a little research and you will know that the wii u has plenty amazing exclusives to go with mario kart 8. So its just not one game thats gonna save the wii u, its gonna be its amazing line up of exclusives, which will be more exclusives then ps4/xbone will have after their out a year

deafdani2511d ago

A year and half isn't "almost two years". Nice gap you made up there.

Also, as Ramen said, you're in the minority if you think Mario Kart 8 is not that great. I respect that, it's your opinion, but don't pass it along as fact, especially considering how almost everyone loves this game.

Also, Zelda, Metroid and Star Fox, COMBINED, won't sell as many copies as Mario Kart 8. You're seriously underestimating the power of Nintendo's racing franchise.

For a Gamestop employee, you seem to be rather ignorant about the videogame industry. Well, nothing new to see here.

Dunban672511d ago

Ramen and deadfani

If you read Darths post more carefully your comments would not come off as petty and uninformed as they did - Re read and try again-

DarthZoolu2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

@Ramen and @deadfani
I'm telling you what customers say! I have a Wii U and MK8! Ok it been out 1 1/2 years there still aren't many games that make a customer have to buy one. I had a lot of customers ask for MK8 on Wii, when I tell them its exclusive to Wii U everyone of them asks 1 of 3 questions. Whats Wii U, how much is Wii U and what section is it (on the wall), do you have the Mario Kart for Wii in stock. When I try to sell Wii Us I alway talk about how high the ratings are for the games and tell them I like mine. They don't care. Most just ask what games are like it on their Wii. Our Wii U kiosk has the most demos by far, way more than the PS4 and X1 kiosk combined no one touches that thing unless I make just really push it on them,and Gamestop already wants me to be pushy enough. Also guys I probably know more about gaming than you ever will. I have played and beat most of our games, I have owned every major concole since Atari, i been playing Mmos since ultima, gtfo!

n4f2511d ago

Yet, you make ignorant comments.

Benjaminkno2511d ago

I'm not a big mariokart fan, but the game is phenomenal. You sound like you don't have any games.

I'll take Indies over 3rd party forever. If you like 3rd party games then PC is the way to go. Consoles are for exclusives, but you already knew that because you work at gamestop... sizzle

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Neonridr2511d ago

Wow, 325k copies over 3 days (MK8 released May 29th in Japan). Those are some very impressive numbers.

Syakinta2511d ago

Great number for MK8, but Wii U sold less than 20k?

Consoles are almost dead in Japan.

Neonridr2511d ago

console gaming seems to definitely be on the decline, but MK8 was only available for half of the time reported, so numbers may be a little low as a result.

Knushwood Butt2511d ago

No matter how you try and spin it, that hardware boost for Wii U is extremely poor.

Even I was expecting the hardware boost to be higher than that.

Neonridr2511d ago

@Knushwood - yep, wasn't as high as I wanted either. Let's wait and see how the numbers hold up over the next few weeks before we call it a failure. Obviously the install base in Japan is quite a bit considering the game moved close to 350k in Japan.

Knushwood Butt2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

MK8 itself has done well, but looks like it has only sold to existing Wii U owners.

This week I'd imagine Persona on 3DS will take the top spot.

Then there's a 3DS Pokemon spin off, and Watch Dogs at the end of the month which will probably do OK in Japan.

If word of mouth is good and Nintendo keep advertising (like they always do) then they could keep some momentum, but if they don't shift Wii U hardware there'll be nobody left to buy MK8.

slivery2511d ago

@Knushwood Butt

Amazes me seeing anyone disagree with you, some people cannot face reality at all. Those numbers are extremely poor.

You people think I didn't want it to do way better? F*ck yea I did but it just didn't, why is that so hard to accept.

Obviously the software is selling great but once again it just isn't moving that many Wii U's and that could be a problem.

To know it sold almost double these numbers last year and people said it was doing poorly then, that boggles my mind how people are saying its doing good now with sales like this with one of its biggest releases. When in reality its selling worse than it did last year with bigger games.

randomass1712511d ago

It's worth noting that Wii U was the highest selling hardware in Japan, that includes both 3DS and Vita. It seems hardware in general just isn't doing well if these numbers really aren't good for Wii U.

MeLoveRamen2511d ago

The hardware boost will obviously be low considering its Japan. Do a little research and it will show that consoles are almost obsolete in Japan. So many people playing mobile games over there, it is ridicules. If there will be any boost in hardware sells its probably gonna come from North America and Europe.

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wheresmymonkey2511d ago

still 3x as many than the PS4. Quite impressive considering home console gaming is a much smaller market in japan.

videgamenext12511d ago

Only 2 days are shown for the chart. I wouldn't say that yet it could still have a swift rise for a few weeks.

ritsuka6662511d ago

Fantastic sales of Mario Kart 8.

WII U rise!

Bereaver2511d ago

Funny gif but I disagree with the all coming back from the dead piece.

MeLoveRamen2511d ago

the Wii u is not dead, people like to compare next gen sell and since wii u is last and release early they think its dead. I can guarantee the wii u might come in last place in sells but it will have more gems then the ps4/xbone.

Benjaminkno2510d ago

Technically Nintendo is still taking Japan on all fronts.. as bad as it looks... spinny, spinny, spin-spin.

MK8 won't be the worst selling edition to the franchise. That's quite a feat considering WiiU's death... spin, spin..

I'm still betting breaking 10 million. Hell, even Forbes called it a "Golden bullet"... spin, spin, spin...

Damn, it!!

... all those banana peels...

... spin

KonsoruMasuta2511d ago

Persona Q comes out tomorrow. Hope that game does well. It will help Atlus see that there is a Persona fan base on 3DS.

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