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PS Vita Pets is ultimately a game that seems a lot like an offshoot of Nintendogs. The game consists of you choosing a dog and taking care of it as best as you can.

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PlayStation Vita Pets Review | GodisaGeek

Lee Garbutt: "There were actually moments where I was enjoying myself with PlayStation Vita Pets, because, for once, here was a virtual pet game that actually seemed to have a point – but in the end that just made the glaring issues all the more maddening. There’s a very good idea in here, but it’s buried under the monotony and the snail’s pace, and while it might be fine for a younger player that really likes dogs, I would hesitate to recommend this. It could have been so much better."

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UltimateMaster3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

If this were on a Nintendo DS console; it would have a 10/10. (Nintendogs)

But Vita owners don't want to play that crap.

ruefrak3644d ago

Thing is, this game is more about drawing non vita owners to the platform. Its a light and fun game designed for a younger audience that isn't playing a vita yet.

As for the review, yes the game has times when it feels like youre grinding, but that's only annoying if you're trying to rush the game for some reason. Picking it up and playing a little here and there and it feels just right.


EU Playstation Store Update - June 4, 2014

New on PlayStation Store: Ultra Street Fighter IV, PS Vita Pets, more!

Plus, Murdered: Soul Suspect, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate and Monster Monpiece

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welly3003646d ago

Are we still getting pixeljunk? No sign of it yet in uk

GuruMeditation3645d ago

It's there, just not in the IGC yet. If you go to games> latest it is currently at the top, free for psplus subscribers.


Review: PS Vita Pets - vitasite

Remember the Tamagotchi? Probably not the only one I played with this invention when I was a kid. Today it's time to see the Tamagotchi XXI century.

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