Mario Kart 8 – May 2014 Game of the Month [Stealthy Box]

"I know that we’re a PlayStation-focused site, and that there’s no way that we would have a review for Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. But there’s no getting around it — the latest entry in the long-running kart racing series is the best damn game to see release in May 2014." - Joe Garcia

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Samus HD2610d ago

only of the month??!! o.O

higgins782610d ago

GTOY contender for sure, particularly with all that looked promising on 'rival' consoles being delayed until 2015, still, even "promising" these days hold no weight...Watch Dogs anybody, remember, the game which was 6 months ago going to make the Wii U a laughing stock.

Samus HD2610d ago

excactly! I just wish they added Battle stage arenas for MK8. Then I would be fully satisfied :(

3-4-52609d ago

Yea this is GOTY 2014, at least so far.

RAFFwaff2610d ago

Fair play to this site. If the rumours are true that Arkham Knight is pushed back until 2015, then MK8 is def in running for goty. If a game is great, it shoudnt matter what console its on. Im a nintendo fan/wii u owner, and The Last of Us and Journey made me consider getting a ps3.