(MGS4) About Advance Reviews From Fansites

A quick heads-up to everyone:

Anyone claiming to have received an advance review copy of MGS4 is either lying or has stolen a copy from the shipments currently going out to retailers. Nitroid spoke with Ryan Payton recently about this in some length and according to him, because of the high profile of this title, not even members of the press are being given review copies. Any early play-through of the game is either done at specified events hosted by Konami (for example, the MGS4 boot-camp or the recent event in Paris) or not at all. With as vague a level of information as most of the early reviews in various magazines have been supplying, there are a lot of people who are out looking to garner attention for themselves by either claiming to have received an early copy or by stealing from early shipments through various means. In addition, anyone who manages to snag an early copy by any means will undergo a certain level of investigation by Konami representatives, should they catch wind of it.

For the good of the fan community, don't give these people the benefit of your attent.

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Timesplitter145663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )


It's part of their plan. I know it.

(lol someone disagreed with "hmmm". I wonder why)

Gun_Senshi5663d ago

That is intresting. So you telling me that IGN, Eurogamer, EDGE, OPM etc got a copy illegally and didn't have a review copy?

donator5663d ago

Don't forget the 16 or so people who got to do the Konami boot camp where they played the entire game. I think they were allowed to review.

Kleptic5662d ago

did you even read the article?...it was just saying that Konami didn't send out review discs yet...that any reviews so far could be based on a number of different things, but not on a physical disc of the entire game...unless they obtained one illegally...

Kleptic5662d ago

I didn't reply to your post on purpose, not sure what happened...this was supposed to be in the open zone to some other comment...

ha whatever...its not towards you guys if you come back and read my above post...

LenHart5663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )

SONY would never give review copies to eurogamer,edge,1up and Gamespot ---SONY hating websites

what a shame that those CONTROVERSIAL MGS haters which always BASHED previous MGS games by giving them 7/8 tried to tarnish the image of MGS4

But anyway MGS4 averages at 97% at METEACRITIC and it will only get better.

so KONAMI never shipped them the game too

I mailed PSXEXTREME and they told me that KONAMI will ship them the copy of MGS4 on June 11th

BTW people look how even this legit story is reported :-

***********BTW people dont forget to give me some bubbles

hotshot1275663d ago

just thought you should know..........

LenHart5663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )

those days are over man

Now 1up/eurogamer/edge and Gamespot will always give PS3 games a less than 9

just to let everyone know that

MGS3 also got 8 from EDGE and EUROGAMER

BilI Gates5663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )

1up started being biased when this generation of consoles started. GameSpot has always been biased and Eurogamer just sucks at doing reviews. The same goes for Edge. They're the kind of people that would complain about the story being too difficult for new comers to understand and rate it down for that.

Gun_Senshi5663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )

OMG you're a douchebag.

a full CAPSLOCK title and a picture 8x8 pixels is good editing!?!
And you do not post with "I called" or "We did"

When he fix them i approve

Gun_Senshi5663d ago

see mr #1 PS3 Fanboy. He fixed the problems and I approved.

Do you ever follow n4g guidelines?

Bzone245663d ago

So if this is true, wouldn't it explain the reviews of the sites that gave mgs4 10/10 also? Or does it just explain Edge and Eurogamer since you their score wasn't to your liking?

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Angelitos5663d ago

MGS4 is easily a 9.5 anyway.

RememberThe3575663d ago

Yeah the name by it's self is like a 9 and the fact that snake is old is totally worth an extra .5, totally. (I was being sarcastic)

Timesplitter145663d ago (Edited 5663d ago )

and add a .3 for the ending of the greatest saga ever and a .2 just for the heck of it.