Forza Horizon 2 Has Fully Dynamic Lighting, Is Three Times Bigger Than Predecessor

Some new details on Forza Horizon 2 have been revealed: the game has fully dynamic lighting in every scene, and a drivable area three times bigger than Forza Horizon, with players no longer constrained by roads.

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fardan851596d ago

Color me interested.
Bigger world, Lots of contents, Dynamic light, I'm loving it.
I'll wait for gameplay.

Septic1596d ago

Yeah after the whole fiasco with Forza 5 and one user on here in particular constantly vomiting the word "pre-baked lighting" I'm glad this can shut the haters up.

However, I find this interesting:

"We believe next gen beauty isn’t about poly counts. It’s not about texture resolution. Those are last-gen concepts. Next-gen beauty is about light. Our challenge in this game was really to make that dynamic"

So by that definition, Forza 5 never benefited from next-gen beauty because of its lack of dynamic lighting?

christocolus1596d ago


I think forza 5 was developed side by side with the forza 5 engine, it was also a launch title and turn 10 had to rush the game to meet still looked really impressive though but in the end they had to cut some things out of the game.. Playground on the other hand will have a much better game because they will be working with the engine properly and they also have more time on their side to take advantage of the new engine. I think horizon2 will be much better looking than FZ5. I'm so glad we will stop hearing things like pre-baked lighting,no day and night cycles and all that crap.

1596d ago
Alexious1596d ago

Yeah, I love the setting in Southern Europe as well!

dale_denton1596d ago

driveclub has all that already but i bet you hate it cause you can't play it on the bone huh?

4Sh0w1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Septic I just think he means FH2 has a different focus, while F5 is about simulation physics and real world tracks. Horizon is an open world arcade racer, F5 was great but as hardcore gamers we KNOW launch games and generally games throughout a console life cycle always look to improve upon launch titles and successive iterations that doesn't mean those games weren't great. No excuses, I think Turn10 did a helluve job and I point this out because Forza5 gets a lot of hate but we've yet to see a better overall next gen racing game to date, with others being delayed, others not able to achieve similar level of details vs specs, and NONE with better AI/physics.

Sure I get comments about lacking content, but this nitpicking or comparisons about what Forza5 DOES NOT HAVE with game THAT ARE NOT OUT YET is no different than saying Infamous SS or Sunset Overdrive isn't great because future open world games will have Dynamic Lighting along with Day/Night cycles. aahh, that's great but while those of you are waiting for the definitive next gen game to come, I'll just play some great games that are much improved over last gen until those "super next gen games" come.

-Oh, well this is also what got my attention:

"A gameplay teaser is supposedly coming on Friday, so stay tuned for more on this promising racing title."

-Hell yeah, sounds like they are raising the bar again, as sequels should.

Destrania1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

This makes it sound like FH2 is trying to be just like Ubisoft's The Crew...

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360ICE1596d ago

Speaking of details:

"We believe next gen beauty isn’t about poly counts. It’s not about texture resolution. Those are last-gen concepts. Next-gen beauty is about light."

That is actually kind of true. I mean, do the cars really need more polygons? I remember they said the same thing about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but then said that shaders was key, instead of light.

Looking forward to see more of this for sure.

Agent20091596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

They're right about the light thing, it's almost incomparably more crucial than those damn resolutions, polygons, or AAs. Though, two other aspects developers should remember of when working on creating attractive visuals, are color and architecture (design of locations). These three graphic elements are way more important to the overall visual style than any bombastic 4Ks, DirectXs, and super-uber photo-realistic engines.

360ICE1596d ago

Well, AA is something I hope gets better this generation. So far it looks like it is. Stylistically clean Mirror's Edge took a jab from bad anti-aliasing (on console, anyway). It wasn't a disaster, but still.

But, yeah. Visual design and picture composition (yes, even in games) is massively important. Journey knows what's up.

Alsybub1596d ago

Just look at those lighting mods for GTA4 if you're wondering if lighting makes a big difference to a game. It can be astounding.

SPARTAN31596d ago

Ya we kinda be down this road cars in car games have Polys. Yes lighting is the next thing to really make games look good all the diffent maps they use and ways lights can change the look and feel of the game. just look at infamous SS a large part of that game look good is lighting and particles.

callahan091596d ago

"We believe next gen beauty isn’t about poly counts. It’s not about texture resolution. Those are last-gen concepts. Next-gen beauty is about light."

Reading between the lines, in all honesty, what he's saying is that the textures & models will be the same (or at least very close) between the 360 and Xbone versions. They are using the same assets across both platforms. So what do they do to make the Xbox version a step up from the last-gen version? A new lighting system.

Dewitt1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

No he is saying that the dynamic lighting system takes priority, it is using the FM5 engine and they don't recycle textures. The 360 version is using the FH1 engine.

kingPoS1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Lighting can make or break a game, it's how some racing games can look as well as they do with less graphical grunt than others.


How does PD make it shine like that!


Gateway MT6706 2008

Alexious1596d ago

Lighting can truly change the look of a game for the better, that's for sure.

I can't wait to see some gameplay of FH2

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truefan11596d ago

Forza Horizon 2 = True Next Gen Experience

mrpsychoticstalker1596d ago

The best of the best. No other races out there compares to Forza

Jdoki1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Genuine question for you truefan1...

Do you think an experience can be truly 'next-gen' when it's also being developed for older tech (360 in this case)?

To me 'next gen' is more than just better graphics, textures, polygons - it is doing things in a game that were not possible on the previous generation of hardware.

Don't get me wrong, Forza 2 looks like it'll be a great game, but surely the limitations of the 360 will bleed through to the XB1 version purely because of the more limited hardware baseline (for example, if the game was solely developed for XB1 would the map be even bigger).

EDIT: It does look like two studios are handling each version after all, so it will interesting to see how close they are in terms of feature set

marlinfan101596d ago


The different versions are being developed by different teams.

Dewitt1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )


They are being developed on two different engines by two different developers. Meaning there are no limitations.

3 times the space to roam of the original, are we going to keep going? 700 events over 100 hours of gameplay.

Jdoki1596d ago

Yeah, two teams, which is good news.

But there's no mention of whether the features, map size etc will be the same or different.

marlinfan101596d ago

The x1 version is being built from the ground up on the next gen engine that was used for forza 5, they wont have to hold anything back for 360.

1596d ago
Allsystemgamer1596d ago


*smacks face on table*

Magicite1596d ago

hey, thats a good joke, I almost laughed.

Trekster_Gamer1596d ago

They are NOT being developed using the same engine so hell yes!!

FH2 USING FORZA 5 engine… for Xbox One

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Festano1596d ago

I agree, I'm hoping for a nice trailer.

Muffins12231596d ago

It seems like there putting a lot of effort with the weather,the rain looks really good.

XiSasukeUchiha1596d ago

Interesting indeed...I'm liking it.

medman1596d ago thanks. I'll be playing The Crew.

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B1uBurneR1596d ago

if they really want to add something new to this, they should add a one hand on the steering wheel the other on my crouch view, what about a gangsta lean view chilling.? Continue please....

360ICE1596d ago

Haha, that'd be awesome.

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