Top 10 Best Free iOS Games of May

"Did you know that at the start of May, there were over 215,000 active games on the App Store? Imagine trying to wade through all of those titles to find something worthy of your time. It's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, which Mythbusters has proved to be a near-impossible feat unless you have some crazy, hi-tech equipment. The great thing is that we’ve got your back covered here at Grab It. We've perused the App Store and come up with our Top 10 Free iOS Games of May and Top 10 Best Premium iOS Games of May. " - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1651d ago

Good list and I appreciate how it focuses on actual games rather than the fully disguised IAP stealth bombers.

CoyoteHunter1651d ago

The quality of some of these free games is pretty amazing. I can't emphasise enough how great Bardbarian is. I've also tried out that boss battler game and had alot of fun with it.

SlappingOysters1651d ago

I heard they went free cause they gave up on premium despite the good reviews. Kind of a shame really.

CoyoteHunter1651d ago

Seems like a bit of a trend lately for devs to go down the free route after initally launching as premium. Wonder if that reflects more on the quality of the game or something inherent in the pricing structure of games on the App Store?

Cookiebex1651d ago

That sucks. Unfortunately the big guys that have the budget have taken over the app store with their "free" games. Has created a user base that is inclined to want something for initially nothing. Maybe that is the key. If these devs were able to put out a free version that gets a player to a point where they initiate a review and small charge to get the full version, they might be able to continue offering premium and far superior games

SlappingOysters1650d ago

A few games have started doing that. A recent one was Wind Up Knight 2. I think that playing a level for free (effectively a demo) and then unlocking the game is cool. But does that not mean it should fall into another category. Somewhere between free and paid. As it is really not free.

Nerdmaster1650d ago

Wacky Pirate is a good game that's completely free.

CoyoteHunter1650d ago

I'll have to check that one out! Thanks for the tip!