Game Release Dates for 2014 That You Should Pay Attention To

We're now halfway through the year! Next thing you know it, 2014 is over, you're up to your eyeballs in games, and you don't know which one to get first. To avoid being swamped, you should start marking your calendars this early. Here are the 2014 release dates you should pay attention to.

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Palitera2575d ago

inb4 the real release dates, aka delays.

Npugz72575d ago

By far the worst year in gaming in a long time!! Super dry holiday season!!

modesign2575d ago

from june-nov there are 5 wiiU

LAWSON722575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Who cares? There exclusives will probably be among the best of the year. If you are going off this list, you realize these are only games with dates. Nintendo does not give dates months in advance. SSB4, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and X are all to come out this year and are not on the list

urwifeminder2575d ago

More cash for steam sales then this year , must get the Arma 3 karting dlc this week.

ceedubya92575d ago

I'm kind of glad some games have moved over to 2015. October and November will be packed enough that that there is plenty to play late fall/early winter. And who knows what else will be announced for this year, not to mention the stuff not on the list that we know are coming but don't have a set release date yet.

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